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Livin’ it Up in Lisbon and Lagos! – ON TOUR Backpack Spain & Portugal

Hola desde Lisbon y Lagos!

Each time we think we’ve had the “best day of the trip”, it seems we are mistaken! Each new day has brought something different and exciting here in Portugal; we have done and seen so much! Part 3 of our adventure began with touring Lisbon by bike. The expert guides led us through the city and along the waterfront, stopping for interesting facts and lookouts, as well as to snack on the delicious and famous pasteles de nata pastries.

OT BP Spain & Portugal at the Beach

A bit outside of the city, we learned how to surf at the beautiful Praia da Riviera! Standing on the board and surfing the waves was first for many, and brought about many laughs. The rest of the day was spent soaking up the sun, playing touch football, and testing out our soccer skills. Before heading south to a much anticipated Lagos in the Algarve, we visited the palace of Sintra and stopped at the most western point in continental Europe, Cabo da Roca, for a great photo op.

OT BP Spain & Portugal Surfing

Once in the famous beach town of Lagos, we started our morning with a kayak tour through the crystal clear water, passing gigantic caves and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  We enjoyed taking a leisurely stroll through the small town and peeking into all the small shops and restaurants in the center. A group favorite was the Nutella banana crepes made fresh, and topped with ice cream and more chocolate! We spent the next day enjoying the scenery of the beach closest to our hotel, Praia Mayor, where the water was perfect, and the gelato kept coming! At night, we tested out our vocal talents singing karaoke tunes and enjoying the windy city night life!

After a few very relaxing beach days, we are ready to head back to Seville, Spain, and continue our journey!

Hasta Luego!

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