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Lights, Camera, Action!- California & the Canyons

Lights camera action! California & the Canyons put on a classic western movie at our dinner! Ethan and lily were the wagon masters; Jordyn and Jolie were coyotes; Nikki and Harrison were the pioneer couple; Griffin was the bad guy; Jake played the good guy; Lucy, Julia, Kendal, Sophie, Ali and Hannah were saloon girls; Zac was the play boy; Ross, Jen, Allie, Danielle, Varsha and Trip Leader Caitlin were Indians; Andy, Sabrina and Tyler were soldiers! We had so much fun on the western set where so many famous actors once stood.

Next up was the Grand Canyon! Zac and Harrison were bravest and explored the most of he natural wonder with Andy! All the trip members were blown away by the beauty and size of the canyon!
It was then off to the town of Sedona. Sedona is a cute town with shops, interesting cafes, and great views of the mountains. In Sedona we did the pink jeep tour. While we were off-roading we saw lizards, snakes, and mountains that were shaped like Snoopy the Dog, the Simpsons and a bear!
When we got to our last stop on the tour, Scottsdale, we enjoyed a fun night at Dave and Busters! Sophie, Lily, Ali, Hannah, and Nikki pooled all their winning tickets together and got a giant pink monkey! Jolie, Ethan, Jennifer, Allie, and Jordyn also pooled their tickets together and got a giant banana that had a mustache! Ethan realized they wouldn’t be able to take the banana home so they decided to give it to a little boy who was playing at the arcade with his family. He was so happy when they gave it to him!
Our amazing trip came to an end the following night. We celebrated with a banquet dinner where each trip member received an award! We also did an activity where every trip member had a piece of paper with their name on it. Each trip member wrote something positive about the other trip members on the sheets. It was a great way to share memories and share how much we appreciate one another.
Well, that’s it folks! We had a blast sharing this adventure with your sons and daughters and hope they have been filling you in on even more special memories.
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