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Life is Sweet in Switzerland! – Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy

Hallo from Switzerland! 

The fabulous trip members have been happy to indugle in the Swiss culture over the past few days in both Geneva and Interlaken. During dinner in Geneva, two fun yodelers providing live entertainment for the restaurant guests serenaded us right beside our tables. They made music out of bells, accordions, longhorns, and even by swirling a Swiss coin (called a “franc”) in a bowl! By the end of the night, the yodelers’ accordion tunes got Staci, Megan, Cindy, and Sophie F out of their seats and dancing away in the center of the restaurant! 

The next day, we headed to Interlaken to enjoy the sunshine, water slide, and diving boards at the pool, and conquered the whitewater rapids on an exhilarating rafting adventure. With incredible levels of teamwork and support, we all made our way through the rapids and got to take a quick swim in the lake at the end of the route. At the swimming pool, even more motivation and support was performed by the group as they cheered Rachel on and helped her build the courage she needed to jump off the diving board and join the rest of us in the water!

During dinner in Interlaken, our hilarious and energetic waiter named Bebbie offered us a chance to play the traditional 10-foot Swiss longhorn and Elana, Paulina, Cindy, Megan, Melissa, Ethan, and Mitchell each bellowed a few notes out for the restaurant. Melissa, with her trombone playing experience, taught us to vibrate our lips by shaping our mouths as if we’re saying the letter ‘M.’ The tip clearly worked out very well! 

The past few days in Interlaken have been a blast with our Swiss adventures ending in a challenging high ropes course, a scenic train ride filled with beautiful views of green hills and mountains, and trips to the town shops for delicious authentic Swiss chocolate! Throughout all the fun and the new experiences, we could especially count on Sophie H for capturing smiles and built friendships with her wonderful photography skills. The journey continues as we make our way to Italy today, and we look forward to keeping you updated on the second half of our trip! Stay tuned for all the good news to come from La Bella Italia!

Auf Weiderschen – Goodbye! 

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