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Laughing the Days Away – Californian Extravaganza

We have finally arrived in California!

First stop: Lake Tahoe. On our journey to Lake Tahoe, we ventured on a ropes course which consisted of many zip lines and obstacles. Many were able to conquer all of these obstacles that the ropes course had to offer. We then arrived at the campground, ready to enjoy the sights, sounds, and activities it had to offer.  It was Bladwin Beach where the trip members enjoyed water skiing and tubing. We enjoyed the wild tube rides just as much as we enjoyed swimming in the beautiful water. After an adventurous morning, we played football and enjoyed a delicious BBQ on the beach. In the afternoon, we cruised out on Lake Tahoe on a boat where we got to enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains.

After coming back to campground, we played the game, “Make Me Laugh,” where one person sits in the “hot seat” and another person is selected from the group in order to make the person who is sitting laugh. This made for a great evening program – we all ended up laughing! The next day we all became Giants fans as we saw the San Francisco Giants sweep the Phillies and cheered with the crowd.  We even saw someone dive into the water to catch a home-run ball!

We then headed off to Pier 33 where we departed to Alcatraz. The trip members enjoyed going on an audio tour of Alcatraz. They walked around the prison and listened to real audio recordings of what was happening there at the time. We even got a hands on experience, taking turns sitting in the 3×3 cell. In the gift shop, we were able to meet with one of the past inmates and took pictures with him. Later that evening, we rode the cable car to Chinatown where we indulged on delicious Chinese food. On our final day in San Francisco, we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, where the trip members were able to capture awesome pictures with the great view. The trip members also explored the quaint area of Sausalito, filled with little shops and gorgeous water views. In the evening, we danced the night away at the Club City Nites Disco.

LA here we come!!