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Laughing Our Way Through Quito- Ecuador Community Service

Our first full day in Quito saw us head to the Mitad Del Mundo where we visited the Equator. We toured around the site and learnt about the ancient Ecuadorian culture. Bailey was great at helping others as she knew what some of the Spanish words meant. We then took some pictures on both sides of the equator and were shown how water spins in different directions North and South of the Equator. We discovered an intense downward pull that occurs at the Equator and were challenged to balance an egg on a nail just on the equator. Ethan did great- he was the only one able to balance the egg on the nail… twice! Zac showed much determination as he attempted to master the feat. Anna did great at one of the other balancing challenges on the equator line where she demonstrated her keen abilities.

We then had lunch at a local Ecuadorian restaurant where we tried some Enchelatas, Ecuadorian fruit and local corn. Josh loved the Ecuadorian passion fruit in particular.

That afternoon, we went to an amazing lookout that overlooked all of Quito. It was a big circle so we were able to see Quito from all angles, which was incredible. Sydney and Jamie both liked the views. During our tour of the old city of Quito, we saw a few churches, went into the building where the President works and walked around some of the main squares. We were also able to explore a local shop where Skyler was excited to enjoy some chocolate.

Dinner was great, we ate at a local sports station restaurant where Josh could not get over how large the burritos were.

We finished off the night with a set of games. Jamie taught everyone a snorting game, we played some team-building games and a game with Oreos. There were lots of laughs and it was a great way to end our great day!


Today was our first day of community service, which we all really enjoyed. The day was spent at an orphanage, home to approximately 200 Ecuadorian children live. We spent the morning painting the school that is a part of the orphanage. Although paint got all over some of us, there were some great laughs and we painted a great base layer. When we took a break from the painting, we played an awesome game of World Cup Soccer. Anna, Zac and Noah were our champions!

We then headed over to where the orphans live and played a game of Duck-Duck-Goose with them (the Spanish version). The orphans loved it and we all laughed a lot. After the game, we enjoyed a great picnic lunch with them. The afternoon with the children was the highlight of the day. We played many rounds of soccer, twister,  tag and mostly got to know the orphans to the best of our ability. Although there was a language barrier for those of us who did not speak Spanish, everyone did their best to communicate. Jake and Josh utilized their moderate French skills and their limited knowledge of Spanish to communicate quite well with the children. Skyler was great in Spanish and could communicate very easily with the children.  Perry was incredible as she sat and colored, to the children’s absolute delight! Mick, Zac, Gabby and Noah played rounds of soccer with the kids and were amazed to see how talented some of them were. Kimmy spent a lot of time on the playground with a small group of children who could not stop smiling and laughing with her.

There were also some more emotional times when the orphans were talking to us about how they want to be adopted. The orphanage was a great experience and we are very excited to return.

After dinner, we went to the top of the city and saw Quito at night. The lights were beautiful, Noah really liked the views. Then we went to La Rhonda street where we tried some local fruit juice with cinnamon and an Ecuadorianbeaver tail!

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