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Last Awesome Hours! – Ultimate California

Last Awesome Hours! - Ultimate California

An update from Ultimate California

Hi parents!

With the continuation of our team competitions, each group dressed in wacky outfits they picked out that showed their team spirit. Some of the more daring trip members like Adam and Jake on the White Team went all out and hiked the stunning Bryce Canyon with underwear over their clothes (they got many bonus points for that). A hike in the brilliantly red canyon gave everyone a nice dose of fresh air before we moved back to the hotel for the conclusion of our  competitions! Two representatives from each team met the trip leaders on the grass for an epic Apache Relay; some of the activities included were a whipped-cream pie eating contest, shave the balloon, wrapping each other in toilet paper, leap frog, and a trip-related word scramble at the very end! The lead shifted often, but in the end the White Team came out on top. That night, each team participated in Family Feud, a poster contest for each team’s country, a team anthem, and, my favorite, a skit about the trip! The posters for the countries (Atlantia, Snow White, Turtleland, and Smurfville) were adorable, and the skits were hilarious! All of the trip leaders were poked at a little, and we loved the effort everyone put into the activities. The Green Team ended up rising from last place to first with the clever anthem Jack wrote for Turtleland, and a hilarious skit where Emma in particular really shone!

A highlight that everyone was looking forward to was the Grand Canyon, which we visited the next day as we traveled to our final state: Arizona! The views on the rim walk were beautiful, and everyone’s cameras were out the entire hike. Jeremy and Sammy had fun reenacting the famous scene from Titanic as they stood at a lookout overlooking the canyon! Everyone was excited the next morning for the Pink Jeep Tour of red rock country. Katie, Jamie, and many others enjoyed belting our their favorite songs as they cruised the rocky landscape into the wilderness. Samara enjoyed a great birthday dinner at Dave & Busters, and everyone ran around the arcade to win as many tickets as possible! Alex came away with a quirky banana phone, and Dan N was flaunting his new Dave & Busters shorts on the bus ride back. There was a ripple of excitement and sadness coursing through everyone this morning as we took one of our final bus ride to The Cheesecake Factory, where the cheesecake was amazing as always. The sunny Arizona weather meant everyone got to lounge in the pool or simply enjoy their friends’ company on our final day of Ultimate California. Tonight is the banquet, where everyone will dance the night away and cherish the last awesome hours with their new friends, as will the trip leaders who will miss them a lot!

It’s hard to sum up a month-long adventure with so many amazing people. There are a hundred stories to tell, so many pictures to laugh and reminisce about, and every experience has only brought us closer together as a group. This experience has been truly fantastic, and has no doubt left as much of a lasting impression on your kids as it has on the staff who have loved watching them have the time of their lives in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, California, Nevada, and Arizona. Some things are just impossible to describe, but I hope this blog has given you a taste of how much fun your kids have had!

For the last time..

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