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Lake Tahoe & Ventura adventures!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday. Let’s continue where we left off — Lake Tahoe!

As we turned to Day 4, the trip was looking to carry its momentum from San Francisco into the great setting of North America’s largest alpine lake. The altitude provided a glaring sun but a shockingly low water temperature. Nevertheless, we kicked off our Tahoe experience with a cookout (special shout out to Jason who barbecued with some serious skill), a friendly game of football and some beach ‘bumming’.

After soaking up some sun, it was time to split up and bravely attack the sapphire waters; but not before thankfully donning our wet suits. Most of the group opted for a tube ride but a few more extreme trip members fancied some water sports. Jenna, Jonathan and Jameson enjoyed their waterskiing sessions- all getting up on their first tries, while David and Eli had no problem shredding the gnar on their wakeboards.

Next up, the group headed over to our first camp site to set up shop.  We first set up our tents among the distinctly elevated trees of northern California and then got started on a delectable Mexican themed dinner. Jason, Justin, Sarah and  Jenna sliced, Jameson, Emma and Jillian diced, and Sam P and Brennan spiced; all proving that nothing compares to camp-style home cooking .

Day 5 rolled along and we headed to rafting to conquer the white rapids of the Truckee river. Armed with paddles and helmets donned, we sweated it out down the river.  Georgia, Molly, Joelle and Emma said it was one of the best adventures they have had.

After a quick bite to eat, the group headed back to the lake for an awe-inspiring sailboat ride. The vessel itself, huge as it was, was enough to make your jaw drop. But nothing could compare to the picturesque scenery surrounding the ever oozing blue of Tahoe’s waters and the golden sun setting behind the snowy mountain tops.

Back at the camp site, dinner awaited us and we prepared for an evening of programming and hanging around the campfire.  Annie, Lauren, Gillian and Brennan showed off their vocal talents by performing a striking rendition of “Lean on Me”. Then we all enjoyed a campfire classic – the always delicious s’mores.

It was off to Southern California on Day 6 and our next stop in Ventura Beach.

Upon arriving at the camp site, a delightful stir-fry was prepared and, our bellies full, we showered up and held a great program before bed. The name of the game was “Name that Tune”. Trip members were given a word (like ‘love’, ‘world’ or ‘boy’) and they were then allowed to sing their favorite songs so long as they contained the given word. Big winners were Molly, David, Kaylie and Samantha R. They sure know their tunes!

Day 7 would be the last day of camping before a long stretch in the hustle bustle of city life.  We started it off by heading to the beach where the temperature was balmy – a surfer’s sanctuary. Naturally, a few boys got a little game of football going and Peyton, Reid, Joey and Matt had a good sweat going by the end of it. The water was unexpectedly icy so it would be a travesty not to admire the courage of Sarah, Rachel, Jameson, Jacob and Jonathan who decided to go for a dip.

After the beach we split off into groups and enjoyed sit down meals at authentic restaurants in downtown Ventura. It was a time for laughing and bonding, and then we got a bit of time to explore a few shops on Ventura’s main street. Finishing up our day of relaxing and recharging, the entire group saw the new Spiderman flick. The movie itself received mixed reviews but everyone was overwhelmed with excitement for the days to come…in LA!!!

As you know, we are now in the City of Angels and will update you again in a few days.

Thanks for reading!

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