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Lake Tahoe! – U.S. Explorer

Lake Tahoe! - U.S. Explorer

An update from the U.S. Explorer

Hi XR19 Parents!

Our first day of our XR19 Olympics was a success! We started of with Name that Tune and XR19 Trivia during our ride to Lake Tahoe. To top off our day, we played Pass the Streamer – it reminded us of the Blue Man Group finale. Jason said it was his favorite activity of the Olympics!

The Apache Relay after dinner was really fun as everyone got really into it! Matt and Kyle were the runners,  passing the batons from one activity to the next. Lindsey said it was funny being fed pudding by someone who was blind-folded. Brandon was determined to win the pie eating competition. Evan S. won the baby bottle sucking completion. Delilah was able to paint nails the fastest. Jonah E., Rickey, Chase and Justin cheered on their teams during every activity and passed the watermelon to Zach R. Tyler was wrapped up by a mummy. Abby and Alexa changed super fast in the sleeping bag. It was a close game, but the red team stole the glory during the final activity, an orange relay where the entire team had to move an orange from the front to the back of a line holding it under their chins. Evan A. said that was his favorite activity because the whole team was involved. After a lot of cheering and screaming, we ended our exciting night around a fire roasting marshmallows for s’mores.

The next day, we went to Lake Tahoe to go waterskiing, wake boarding, knee boarding or tubing. Mabil was a fast learner at waterskiing as she got up twice! Aaron was doing 360-degree turns while knee boarding! Nikki was able to go waterskiing without getting her hair wet, which is quite difficult! Noah and Haley said they enjoyed tubing and the boat driver’s tricks. Zach G. and Matt were pros on the lake only using one ski! Jonah F. said water skiing was difficult at first as a beginner, but he developed some skills and had a lot of fun. Grant trying to stand on the tube was also a sight to be seen – he almost made it with both hands in the air. Sam E. said it was his first time waterskiing and it was awesome!

In between football, sunning, reading and relaxing on the beach,  we had a sand castle competition. Seryna was buried and the team used this to their advantage. The California team won the challenge creating a giant P mote with a castle in the middle.

Our cruise on a private yacht was the perfect chance to relax and look at the incredible view of Lake Tahoe. Sierra Nevada mountains in the distance, crisp air, warm sunshine and top 40 hits… the ingredients to a perfect afternoon! Samantha and Jamie (the meatballs) said they had a great time! Isabel said the view was just beautiful!

On the bus, teams presented their choreographed bus dance. Everyone singing and dancing in their seats, with their belts on of course, was hysterical! Their hands went from side to side and they sang along to the tunes.

In the evening, both teams presented their cheer, dance, skit, flag and song. It was obvious how much work went into everything. Both songs made us all teary as we relived our journey. The NY team presented a catchy cheer.

The captains, Lee and Nikki started off by saying, “N to the e to the W to the Y to the O,R, K. New York all the way!” Then the rest of the team joined in by jumping up and cheering, “where Brooklyn at? Where Brooklyn at?” The California team danced to the Britney Spears song, “Hit me Baby One More Time.” Let us tell you that even the boys did not hold back from dancing! They shook their hips and got right into it! Then the captain, Noah and Haley, jumped up and yelled, “pink, pink, pink!” The rest of the team followed.

Both flags were beautifully done. Nikki made the NY flag, which was decorated with New York city buildings, the Statue of Liberty, the NY Yankees sign, and our bus Herby, of course! Nikki said that she was inspired to put the bus on the flag with all the song titles that we sing because it was a memorable part of her summer. The California flag was made by Julia. It’s decorated with palm trees and the beach. The cool part about it is that she drew a hand making a W for the west coast. Julia said that she drew the beach because it’s a memorable part of our experience in California. She also said that she drew the W to not only represent the west coast of the U.S., but also Westcoast Connection.

We will complete our final chapter of our journey in San Francisco.

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