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La Jolla & Lovely LA! – California Community Service

Greetings from LA!

Since we last spoke our group has relocated to beautiful Los Angeles. We were sad to leave UCSD and thoroughly enjoyed our final day of relaxation in San Diego. It all started with a much needed sleep in. However, Louis, Zach and Savannah could not sleep in and opted to get up early for the optional breakfast. Once we gathered the rest of the group we all went on a tour of campus to check out the UCSD bookstore. On the way we saw the library and one of the many art pieces scattered around campus. The piece was a house built off of the top of a building as if it was hanging off the edge! After returning for lunch we headed out to La Jolla Shores for a fun beach afternoon. Thanks to Zach and the volleyball he picked up at the bookstore we had a fantastic game of keep up (just the beginning of our recurring volleyball activities). We finished the day with a delicious dinner at Café Coyote, an authentic Mexican restaurant in Old Town. In town, Lily picked up a pink mini guitar and provided the entertainment as we gathered everyone to head home for the night.

The next morning we were all packed up and ready to hit the road to LA. We had our final breakfast in the cafeteria followed by a group stretch on Middle Earth before getting into the cars for the long trip ahead. At the halfway point we made a stop in San Clamente for lunch and some exploration. The area was beautiful. Surfers packed the waters and fishermen lined the pier. We got back on the road and finally arrived at UCLA. We were so excited to be in a new place we spent the afternoon exploring. We made a stop at the athletics complex and the bookstore. The trip members just couldn’t wait to get their UCLA gear and to wear it around campus. We settled into our rooms and had an early night so we could be ready to get back to community service bright and early the next morning!
California Community Service
Our first full day in LA was spent volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. It is a retail store that relies mostly on donations of anything from furniture to appliances to windows, sinks and toilets. The profits from the store go towards funding the building of new homes. Our team worked together to open a new shipment of boxes that was just received and organize all the contents so that new furniture pieces could be built. All the trip members worked so hard that we completed our task and moved on to a new job of getting items from the warehouse priced and out on the floor to be sold. The trip members worked so well alongside the local volunteers. So much so that we had Alana and Katie start a sing along with a couple of the volunteers to the soundtrack of Frozen. After returning from a good days work we continued to explore the campus. The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards were being held at UCLA and Amanda, Lily and Abigail all caught a glimpse of Megan Fox as she walked the orange carpet.

We continued our work at the restore the next day focusing on organizing various items on the floor. We broke off into two teams with one group working on cleaning and restocking the sinks and other items. Lizzie and Savannah were working so hard she climbed in ranking to master gunnery sergeant (the trip members were given U.S. marine corps ranks as they worked) faster than anyone else in the group. The other group worked to rearrange to sold warehouse and organize the blinds and spare wood aisle of the store. Once all our work was complete we returned to campus and enjoyed a friendly game of volleyball and the Sunset Village Recreation Center. After a nice break and dinner we headed out to enjoy an evening of mini golf. The trip members split into teams of four and each played a round of 18 holes. Afterwards we spent some time in the arcade as Blayne, Amanda, Tsippy, Adam, and Zach all went through the laser maze and made it out to tell the story. We were finally ready for another restful morning followed by a great afternoon at Venice beach, a very cool spot with a variety of interesting people and places. After lunch and some people watching, we moved on to the beach where another game of keep-up was held. That volleyball is turning out to be quite a necessity wherever we go. Our day finished off with a group trip to the movies to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

We will be in touch soon to let you know how the next few days go!

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