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Kicking Off Spring Break!

Pura Vida from Community Service Spring Break 2015! Can you believe day 1 has already come and gone? We began at airports all across the country, from San Francisco to New York. We all met up at the airport in San Jose, Costa Rica, where we were able to taste local fruits right away. We boarded the bus, and were off to our hotel in Central Valley. Along the way, we stopped to pick up some essentials: Sal and Chris found various flavors of Oreo cookies, and Amy and Justin picked out gifts to bring to community service. We then headed to the hotel to play some name games and ice breakers. There were lots of laughs as the trip members detangled a 13 person human knot. Our evening ended with a typical dinner at a local restaurant, where we tasted yucca and had our fill of rice and beans. Griffin especially liked the rice pudding, and offered to help out fellow trip members who were too full to eat theirs. Everyone was ready to call it a night early in order to prepare for a great day of rafting tomorrow!

Talk to you soon!

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