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Kelp and Sea Walls – From California Community Service

A letter from Anna and California Community Service.

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Hello to California Community Service Parents!

We are here in sunny San Diego and have started our Californian adventure! After arriving at the airport, we headed to check out our amazing dorms and settle in. We played an intense game of ultimate Frisbee, showcasing Jake’s talents of long-distance Frisbee throwing. You should see this guy! We got to know each other throughout the evening and got so excited about the days to come.

Our first full day started at Mission Beach, biking on some of the most comfortable bikes ever! Kyle K. showed us how to bunny hop and we checked out all of the sights. Matt and Katie were super-keen on playing beach volleyball, so after we were done biking, they started up a game. Some of the brave ones to head into the ocean were Alyssa, Marci, Jordyn, and Leah, and they surfed the waves with Jake, Alex, and Matt. We also got to explore La Jolla Beach as the tide was coming in and spotted seals lazing on the rocks and beach.

Tuesday was our day of surfing on Moonlight Beach, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed – everyone managed to get up on their board!  Mark caught some amazing waves and was definitely “hanging ten.”  We also took advantage of the perfect sand when architects Kyle C., Bryan, and Skylar headed up three teams to build the most creative sandcastle.  Many tactics were involved, such as vast mounts of kelp, enlisting the help of families, and building sea walls to prevent mass castle destruction as the tide rolled in!  In the evening we played a huge game of laser tag, which Kyle K. won twice . . . but our tour director, Anna, came in second in both games!  We have also been playing a lot of basketball on the courts at our dorm each evening, as well as intense games of Knock-out!

The most exciting thing yet, though, has been our community service day with Habitat for Humanity on Wednesday.  We were at two build sites where earth-moving shovel and pick-wielding Miles showed us how it was done. James and Anna spent the morning hammering up the walls of one of the houses and Jordyn, Alyssa, and Leah learned how to put up siding and did a whole wall!  Julie and Nicole spent their day painting a bedroom with a mother whose 14-year-old daughter will be moving into the house! Craig and Natalie tiled the floor of an entire condo and the entire group learned so much about the projects. 

We’re all looking forward to more adventures in the days to come.  Stay tuned for more updates!

From the California Community Service Community Service Gang!