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Jackson Hole, Great Falls, Calgary, Banff, and More – American Voyageur

What’s up with the Voyageur?

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Parents of the American Voyageur,

Well it’s day 9 of our 40 day voyage and boy have we been busy! Here’s a recap starting back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We spent our first afternoon in Jackson exploring the town and then headed to the rec center for some basketball, pool time, and pizza and cake for Sydney’s birthday! It was there that Mady, Shelby, Griffin, Charlie, Jaime, Ryan, Matt B., and Sam M., showed off their skills on the court. Others, like Dana, Jess, Mel, Julie, Courtney, Sacha, Sara, and Sammy H., chilled in the pools and went down slides, while Richard, Ethan, Zach, Ben, and Ian showed off belly-flopping, diving and jumping off the diving board. Matt F. and Jaime S. even went rock climbing in the pool and climbed the aqua wall! Later that night, we checked into our beautiful condos, and organized a common room for everyone to relax, watch TV, and spend some downtime together.

The next morning we enjoyed a sleep-in followed by breakfast and white water rafting on the Snake River. Matt F., Liz, Jordana, Mady, Scott, Jon, and Jaime S. all jumped in and went for a swim! We all got soaked, screamed through our fear of falling out, and had a blast! From the rafting we headed to lunch and then back to the condos. Some people, like Jake went to the gym to workout while others chose to get ready for the afternoon’s activity. Later that afternoon we went mini-golfing and then went to walk around the downtown area of Jackson Hole. Alex C., Alex E. and Teddy munched on some fudge and candy while others explored the town. Then it was back to the condos for dinner, where Ryan enjoyed the buffet, and others got to see friends from other WCC trips.

The next morning we drove through Yellowstone National Park, saw Old Faithful, and arrived in Great Falls, Montana. The bus ride was fun as we played lots of games and watched a movie.  The next day we headed to Canada to spend two days in Calgary and two days in Banff.

Well parents, that’s all for now! Your kids are all doing great and having a great time! We’re loving getting to know them more and more day by day and are having a
great time with them!

Talk to you in a few days!