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It’s the Bonding Experiences that Make the Trip So Amazing – The Adventurer

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Good Morning Again.

We are just leaving our campsite at Mt. Hood, Oregon and beginning our trek to Medford/Ashland – a great opportunity to send you another message! So many awesome things have happened since Friday including two birthdays and I am ecstatic to have the chance to tell some stories.

The Capilano Bridge on Friday was an interesting stop for many. Some tour members such as Jill F., Shawna, and Jordan N. walked across the entire bridge without holding on – which is really an accomplishment considering how unsteady it feels, crossing a giant canyon!

When we arrived at the campsite in Seattle, we were greeted by our new campsite managers, Josh and Julian, who had kindly prepared a delicious fajita dinner for us. Our program at night was called “Bite the Bag”. In this game, participants must hop on one foot and try to pick a paper bag up off the ground with their mouths. As they succeed, the bag is cut shorter until only one person is able to pick it up. Dylan K. was by far the winner of this game. The bag was actually cut down to a flat piece of paper by the time he won!

Saturday was a super fun-filled day in Seattle. We started at Pike Place Market, where Adam, Josh S., Aaron, and Jordan N. witnessed some workers throwing giant fish over their shoulders onto a serving counter whenever purchases were made. Another interesting sighting was made by Jesse, Kyle T., Ryan H., Brad, and Max, who spotted the entire Chelsea soccer team (the third best soccer team in the world from London, England) boarding a bus outside of a Four Seasons Hotel! In the afternoon, we enjoyed a couple hours touring around the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum (The EMP is an interactive museum dedicated to the exploration of creativity and innovation in popular music). Sonya, Jordan S., Andy, and Vero participated in a Muppet Show exhibit, where they tried moving various Muppets in such a way that they were playing musical instruments. They also got to watch themselves on a TV screen to get a feel for what it was like to be the person behind the scenes on the real Muppet show. Whirlyball on Saturday night was an incredible experience for everyone. Check out the Westcoast Connection blog to see another WCC trip participate in a Whirlyball game on video! The bumper-cars, mixed with lacrosse rackets, mixed with basketball hoops made for a hilarious event. I, personally, had never laughed so hard as I tried to distract Erin and Sydney W. by driving into their cars when they were trying to focus on the game.

Sunday we traveled from Seattle to Mt. Hood, with a short stop at Niketown in Portland – such a huge store. It was also Sam E.’s birthday! We celebrated with a cake and party at night. Our evening activities at the campsite were incredible. Before doing a real “rose” and “thorn” session with the group, we sang around the campfire. This was another one of those bonding moments where every single one of us felt so lucky to be on this trip with such wonderful people… A great day for Sam E.

Our biking, snowboarding, and skiing activities yesterday were a great success – check out the pictures! Vero, Josh S., Dan G., Jill F. enjoyed a sweet mountain biking session at the base of Mt. Hood, while many others took advantage of an early morning on the slopes of Timberline resort. The ski conditions at the top of the lift were great and although the snow was slushy at the bottom, it allowed us to really acknowledge the incredible fact that we were skiing in July! What was even cooler was that Greg had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday on the slopes. When I asked him how it felt, he said “It’s pretty cool… I’ve never been skiing on my birthday before”! Thanks to Greg’s birthday, we all indulged in a yummy chocolate cake in the evening before bed. Two birthdays in a row for two great guys!

We’re heading off to San Francisco tomorrow and we are all pumped! California here we come! Although we are super excited to be staying in a hotel tonight, we are also looking forward to camping again in four days. It is definitely, in part, thanks to camping that our group has become so meshed! I was talking to a few of the tour members over the past couple days and it seems like we all agree that, although we are participating in super cool activities and seeing really neat locations, it is the bonding experiences like karaoke, bus games, and campfires that make the trip so amazing.

 More updates to come!

The Adventurer Team