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Island Hopping – ON TOUR Backpack Greece, The Islands & Italy

Hello parents and friends!

It’s only been a few days since we last checked in, but it feels like forever ago! It’s been a jam-packed week full of activity and fun. Let’s start with our stunning hotel within 3 minutes of the beach. Not too shabby! The warm sand and the bluest waters you could ever imagine greeted us on our first day in Naxos. We swam, we conversed and dipped into some good books, but the activity really began on day two. Half the group explored the island on mountain bikes. There is no feeling quite like the wind blowing through your helmet hair on the beach. Warm sun, cool breeze and adventure through the non-touristic side of the island. Ahhhh, perfection. The other half scratched even further below the surface of Naxos via scuba diving. They reported seeing many types of fish and coral.

OT BP Greece, The Islands & Italy in Greece

The next morning we all ventured as a big group to a rural property for a Greek cooking class before swapping the activities of the day prior. Not only did we meet (and name) Norah the horse and pick fresh veggies from a garden, but we all aided in the preparation of scrumptious Moussaka. After a delicious meal, we broke into dance and side-stepped Grecian style!

Next we arrived in Santorini with its white washed building with blue roofs, cobblestone streets and blue waters every which way. Incredible. We ate dinner overlooking the entire island of Fira at sunset. Once the sun was down, the roof pulled back, and we finished our meal under the stars.

OT BP Greece, The Islands & Italy at Dinner

Today began in a cable car on route to a volcano. We walked up the inactive volcano and found ourselves staring at more fantastic views. Some even questioned if there was a single spot one could stand in Santorini without a breathtaking view. The day continued by boat to a hot springs section of the Mediteranean Sea. Our trip members dove into the fresh waters and immersed themselves in the clay.

The fun continues for this crowd. On to Oia for dinner. Best not be late!

Talk soon,

The Westcoast Blogger

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