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Island Hopping in Greece! Backpack Italy & Greece


Just when we thought the trip couldn’t get any better…it did! Our trip became even more awesome  when welcomed to Athens more members to our family, Max, Ali, Madison, Carly Z, Hannah, Breanna and WCC staff Leanne.

It was a jam-packed day for our new friends as we roamed Athens and made our way to see the archeological wonder that is the Acropolis. Trip members had a great time learning ancient Greek stories such as the tragic life of the Medusa and the Battle of the Centaurs.

Next up was a trip to the Plaka where we had a chance to bond with the new members during a lovely authentic Greek dinner complete with a trip favorite: gelato. That night veteran trip members were given the opportunity to get to know and present the new trip members to the group. We quickly felt like one family.

The next day we traveled to the beautiful isle of Naxos. Trip members spent the day at the beach soaking up the Grecian rays. Haley organized an exciting game of beach volleyball. Jennie, Jake W. Julia, Emily, Adam, Max, Ben, Sydney, Brianna and Emma all enthusiastically participated while the other enjoyed the beach chairs and scenery.
That night we went into town and enjoyed a group dinner. Post dinner we visited a local karaoke club. Jake L, Jake W. Ben, Adam, Max, and Cody got the party started with a  rendition of Queens, Bohemian Rhapsody. The girls banded together and brought it back 90’s style with Britney Spears Lucky. Everyone got into the groove with N’ Sync’s Bye Bye Bye.

The following day we went to Blue Fin diving school. After an informative diving skills session the group was ready to go.  We had a great dive and saw lots of sea urchins, rainbow fish, sea cucumbers and even a octopus.
After rest and relaxation at the hotel we went into town and presented  the tour members with the pen exchange challenge. Each group was provided with a pen and asked to see what they can exchange the pen for. The winning teams were Jennie Madison, Jake W and Pam for most valuable item- a traditional Greek evil eye and Cody, Sydney, Julia and Ali for most creative trade which was a Knock off Harry Potter figurine.

The next day we visited Greek cooking school and had a chance to see authentic Greek food prepared. Max, Jennie, Julie, Alana, and Breana prepared a beautiful Greek salad that the whole group enjoyed. The bike ride through Naxos gave tour members a chance to see the beautiful countryside full of goats, sheep, cows and donkeys. That night we split off into staff groups for dinner. Marissa took the boys to a Greek Grille for a boys night out while Kurt, Leanne and the girls enjoyed a waterside Italian dinner complete with an unexpected fireworks show.

We left Naxos with fond memories and then set our sights for our next destination:Santorini. Our gorgeous hotel has stunning views and more pools then we can count! Tour members appreciated an afternoon of relaxing poolside with a milkshake and a smile.

Today we had a chance to take a cable Car ride to the dock and hop aboard The Aphrodite which took us to Santorini’s famous volcano. We finished off the afternoon with a swim in the hot springs. A few TMs decided to use the healing Mediterrean sea mud to exfoliate their skin. It  was an incredible day and we are looking forward to our visit to Oia tonight!

Stay tuned for more details of exciting adventure!

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