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Intergalactic Rhi-Gnomes and California Community Service!

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On July 2nd, our CA7 group arrived in Los Angeles to start what will quite possibly be an experience of a lifetime. Although we’ve only been together for 4 days, it’s amazing what we have seen, done, and accomplished!

 After getting to know each other a bit on Thursday, we went to Hermosa Beach on Friday for some cycling. We hit the beach for a little while in the afternoon, and had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe on Friday night. “The guys” (Brad, Daniel, Dan, and Glen) took a good look around at the memorabilia, and were impressed by a ZZ Tops car that was rotating in the middle of the restaurant.

We spent the 4th of July planning, decorating, entertaining children, and preparing food at one of the Orange County Rescue Mission’s low-income housing units. To our surprise, there was an inflatable water slide set up for the residents. Jennifer won the award for being the most soaked- although she was followed closely behind by Brooke, Cara, and Mollie. Nicole, Crystal, and Kelsey were working with the kids on friendship bracelets, wind catchers, and temporary tattoos, while the guys were manning the grill… for at least the morning! By the end of the day, the boys were on to the friendship bracelets, while the girls were flipping burgers… maybe they can man the grill next time you have a family barbecue! Afterward, the group went to the LA Galaxy professional soccer game and got to see an awesome fireworks show.

Sunday was also a success. Our group is involved in an intense game of “Survivor”. We have two tribes- “The Coasters” and the “Intergalactic Rhi-Gnomes.” (A cross between a rhino and a garden gnome? Creative mascot!) The teams split up between two grocery stores in Orange County and collected non-perishable food items and donations. Together, they collected over 700 food items and $200! It was amazing! In the end, the Intergalactic Rhi-Gnomes won the challenge, thanks to a very generous stranger who gave the kids 2 carts and 15 minutes to buy whatever we needed for the drive… it was like an episode of “Supermarket Sweep!”

 Of course we’re having a ton of fun- but we’re also learning a lot. That may make for a good conversation upon return home… so I’ll leave it at that for now 🙂

Milad and I are so excited to be working with this group… these kids are talented, giving, and a whole ton of fun! We’re going to be busy in the upcoming days, but we’ll send out another update it a bit!

 Take care- and we’ll update soon!

CA7 Staff