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Hot Springs, Surfing, and Waterfalls! – Costa Rica Community Service

Costa Rica Community Service at the Hot Springs in Arenal

Hola parents!

Costa Rica is known for its wonderful waves for surfing and it wasn’t hard to see why once we hit the beach in Tamarindo! Everyone including the first timers got up on their surfboards with no problem. Jacob, Sam M., Sam H. and Daniel all rode a wave together. It was like they had been riding the waves together since they were little boys.  Amandine got up on her very first try and Jenna and Allison looked like pros.  Dylan tore up the waves while posing for a picture like a surfer. Talk about showing off some amazing skills!

The next day, our group was assigned the task of painting the outside and inside of a daycare. Once the trip members were able to see the final result, it was clear how their work had made a difference toward providing a better school environment for the children of the neighboring town.  Ryan was always willing to help those who could not reach the top of the walls. Josh, Heather, Emily H. and Isabelle enthusiastically and quickly painted the trim of the daycare’s kitchen while Franki and Sami carefully painted the kitchen door an inviting purple. Emily L. worked hard to finish up the previous days work by painting in the hallway. By the end of the afternoon, the center was glowing with tropical colors. It made us all feel so accomplished and happy to know that students will be attending a brighter and more welcoming daycare.

On our next service day the group managed their time even more efficiently and worked cohesively as a team. Jack and Jacob carefully placed the tape all over the classroom to make sure they did not paint past any borders. Rachel and Romy took their time to detail the small areas perfectly. Sam R. would not leave her area until all her work was complete. She said she felt it was important to get the job done!

After our mornings doing community service, we enjoyed our time at the beach jumping over and through those great Costa Rican waves!

During our travels to Arenal, we were impressed by the beautiful country scenery with the huge Arenal volcano being the best part. The group really enjoyed going to the hot springs in the afternoon. It gave them the chance to not only feel the thrill from the water slides, but also socialize and relax in the warm, natural water. Following a wonderful evening in the pools we all enjoyed the food at the buffet. Trip members especially enjoyed the sautéed pasta!

The next morning, our adventurous and brave group was excited to go waterfall rappelling in the tropical forest of Costa Rica. The group bravely rappelled through a series of waterfalls. Since we had some experience with ziplining, the group took to the 7 courses like pros! At the end, we posed for a group shot under a beautiful waterfall. A great end to a fantastic morning!

Back at the hotel, we played ‘The Dating Game.’  One trip member volunteered to be a bachelor or a bachelorette and three other trip members were chosen to answer his or her questions. Following the series of questions, the trip member had to choose the secret person that had the best answers. The activity provided lots of good laughs and entertainment!

Group Shot After Waterfall Rapelling

During free time, trip members split into groups to make the most of their time. Heather lead a circuit training routine for Olivia, Jenna, Rachel and Allison. Amandine, Jack and Ryan did their own work out followed by a run. Tess and Romy initiated an aqua fitness routine in the pool. It was quite a sight to see our trip members having such a blast with each other.

We can’t wait to tell you about what lays ahead in the next few days! Adios for now.

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