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Honolulu Block Party – Hawaii Community Service


Greetings from Waikiki!

The past three days had us all over the island of Oahu.

On Friday, our trip got its first taste of the sea on a Catamaran ride that took us along the coast of the island. Taylor J. helped us begin our adventure by hoisting the sails! The seas were calm and trip members got to take many pictures with the open sea as a background. As we got further out, things did get a little more exciting. The laughter and screams of Mireille, Jess K, and Jessie S, who were relaxing and taking in the sun in the front of the boat, were heard as waves came close to the boat. Hannah and Jen booked it to the back of the vessel as fast as possible to avoid getting wet. In the rear, Sean was quite content to put his feet up and enjoy the ride. We are happy to report that no trip members had to use the “Happy Bucket!”

On Saturday, we got immersed, quite literally, in the waters of Hawaii. We had our first beach day! Jonathan got a game of football going in the shallow waters of the Waikiki shore. We took bunch of trip pictures in the water. Needless to say, the entire group was quite happy to lounge in the sand and frolic in the water.
Hawaii Community Service
For many, the highlight of the weekend was a “block party” that was held in the heart of downtown Honolulu on Saturday night. It comprised of food trucks, live musical performances, and plenty of art and clothing kiosks. There was even a fashion show at the end of the evening. The most interesting thing about it was that all of the businesses were native to Hawaii. There were local musicians, local clothing lines, local food, and local talent. It is held but once a month so we got a rare opportunity to celebrate art and culture with the residents of Honolulu.

For others, the highlight was the Sunday morning hike up Diamond Head. This activity saw the group travelling winding paths through dark tunnels, and climbing up over 300 stairs. Despite some reservation, Remi remained brave within the dark and narrow tunnel that lead to the mountain’s top. And even though the stairs might have been rough on our quads, it was well worth it for the breathtaking views. The top was quite the photo-op. Once at the peak, Mika and Emily took the time to take it in and snap plenty of pictures.
“The view at the top was worth the trip!” – Jacob
“I’m so happy that we did this!” – Ally

After working up a sweat, we ventured to the north-eastern part of the island to relax on Kailua beach. As a special treat, we all went to Island Snow for the most famous shaved ice on the islands.

Over at Buca di Beppo, after quite a delicious and plentiful meal, the group had the opportunity to surprise trip member Sophie, who was celebrating her 16th birthday. The restaurant staff got the entire room to clap along as they sang to Sophie. We would like to wish Sophie a very happy and sweet birthday. May this year bring you happiness and even more adventure.

Our days on Oahu are starting to wind down as we start to look forward to Maui. But there is still a lot to see and do. We had an amazing first day volunteering at Habitat For Humanity and the Trip Members are excited for another day of work. We will fill you in more soon… Until then, hang loose!

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