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Home Away from Home in San Diego – California Community Service

Hello Family and Friends of California Community Service!

Our time in San Diego is almost coming to a close and we’ve been so lucky to have accomplished so much!  After settling in at our home away from home at UCSD, we played some icebreakers and sports out in the field. Emma and Francesca befriended another student group on campus and started a big pickup kickball game which really brought our group together. Later we all went cosmic bowling where Lisa and Olivia got two strikes and Sydney came in with three strikes!

The next morning, Nina was appointed the first trip member of the day – she was a great resource with her San Diego knowledge! The day began with a bike ride along the boardwalk. The area was so quaint it was hard not to be captured by the view of the beach, shops and beautiful homes. Throughout the day, Jon had a joke with the rest of the group that he could convince someone he was from England. After a couple of hilarious failures he finally accomplished his goal -‘ Cheerio Mate!’  We then headed to Coronado Beach where Julian and Eric dug giant holes in the sand.  The next few days were jam packed with a mix of community service and fun activities. We spent four days on a Habitat for Humanity site performing a number of jobs that would make you all proud and pleasantly surprised. Katie attached trim along the house. Sam was a “jack-ie” of all trades trying something new each day. Lexy and Molly caulked around the outside, while Jeremy was a siding master. Jackee became skilled in the art of insulation and helped to complete insulating the entire house. However, it wasn’t all work. One night we played laser tag where Rebecca got her first taste of the game, revealing that she is a natural player.  The group enjoyed some physical activity, specifically Spencer who really enjoyed running on the campus track and we even had a water balloon fight!  It’s been a busy first week and we are loving every second of it!!

Until next time,

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