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¡Hola Padres y Amigos! – Spain Language: Madrid, Barcelona & the Costa del Sol

¡Hola padres y amigos!

Guest scribe Meredith writes (in Spanish!) about the
rest of our stay in Madrid.

 Nosotros pasamos la primera semana del viaje en Madrid.  En Madrid,
nosotros empezamos las clases de español.  También nosotros vimos el Palacio
Real, fuimos a Toledo por un día, y fuimos a los museos de arte, El Prado y
La Reina Sofía.  Nos gustaron los deportes de invierno en Xanadú y escuchar
a la música de ópera en un restaurante.  La semana en Madrid fue muy
divertida y aprendimos mucho de la historia de España.

 Translation: We spent the first week of the trip in Madrid.  In Madrid, we
started our Spanish clases.  We also went to the Royal Palace, we went to
Toledo one day, and we went to the art museums, The Prado and The Queen
Sofia.  We enjoyed winter sports at Xanadú and listened to opera music in a
restaurant.  The week in Madrid was very fun and we learned a lot about the
history of Spain.
Here are some thoughts from other trip members:

On indoor skiing, snowboarding, and tubing at Xanadú: • “Fue muy divertido.”  (“It was fun.”)  -Jake R.

• “Tubing fue muy rápido y divertido.  ¡Muy guay!”  (“Tubing was
very fast and fun.  Really cool!”)  -Nicole

• “Esquiar fue muy divertido.” (“Skiing was really fun.”) -Matt  

 On the art museums:• “I normally don’t like art museums, but I liked these.  They had a lot of interesting and
unique paintings.”  -Josh

• “Yo he querido ver Las Meninas, y cuando lo vi yo
estaba muy emocionada.”  (“I have wanted to see Las Meninas (by Velázquez),
and when I saw it I was very excited.”) -Nicole.

• “Me gusta El Prado.”  (“I like The Prado.”) -Allie B.• “Me encanta el Museo del Prado. 

 Yo vi El Tres de Mayo (un cuadro de arte de Goya).  En la clase de español yo estudié El
Tres de Mayo y yo hice un proyecto de Goya y su arte.” (“I loved the Prado
Museum.  I saw The Third of May (a painting by Goya).  In Spanish class I
studied The Third of May and did a project on Goya and his art.” -Allison•
“I thought the modern art museum was better than the Prado.  I liked
Guernica (by Picasso).  There was a lot of profound stuff and it wasn’t as
conventional as the Prado.”  -Steven•

“My favorite spot was the Reina Sofía.  I really liked the contemporary art we saw there.” -Brian

• “Since I knew a lot about [Joan Miró] and understood his paintings, it was completely
different experience being able to see the art in-person.” -Mike, after
seeing works by an artist he studied in school.
On row-boating in El Parque de Buen Retiro, Madrid’s Central Park:• “A mi me
gustan las barcas.” (I like the row boats.) -Perri•

“Me gusta el lago y el parque de Madrid.” (“I like the lake and park of Madrid.”) – Natasha•

“Me gusta remar el barco aunque nosotros fuimos en circulos.” (“I liked rowing
the boats even though we went in circles.”) -Annie

On classes:• “Yo no sabía como las clases aquí fueron a ser, pero ahora
puedo decir que me gustan las clases.  Son diferentes de clases en mi
escuela y nosotros hablamos mucho en español.  Cada profesor es amable y
ellos no ayudan mucho.  Me gustaría aprender más español durante mi viaje y
trabajará para aprender el idioma.” (“I didn’t know what clases would be
like, but now I can say that I like the classes.  They are different from
classes in school and we talk a lot in Spanish.  Each teacher is sweet and
they help us a lot.  I would like to learn more Spanish during my trip and I
will work hard to learn the language.”) -Vikki

On food:• “Fuimos a un restaurante español.  La comida estaba muy buena.”
(“We went to a Spanish restaurant.  The food was really good.”) -Danielle
F.• “Me encantó el restaurante de La Favorita porque había canciones de
ópera.” (“I loved the restaurant La Favorita because there were opera
songs.” -Helen

Other thoughts on Madrid and the trip:• “Me gusta que podemos practicar
nuestro español con nativos en restaurantes, hoteles, y tiendas porque así
es la mejor manera para aprender.”  (“I like how we are able to practice our
Spanish with locals in the restaurants, hotels, and stores because that is
the best way to learn.”) -Lisa• “La arquitectura es muy bonita y me encanta
que la ciudad es vieja y muestra la historia.”  (“The architecture is pretty
and I love that the city is old and shows history.”) -Alex• “Me gustaron
mucho la historia y todas las cosas que podíamos hacer en Madrid, como
esquiar y caminar en la ciudad.”  (“I really liked the history and all the
things that we were able to do in Madrid, like ski and walk around the
city.”) -Andy• “We were able to see a lot of things, explore the town, and
get a great feeling for the city.” -Rebecca S. • “Me gusta caminar por la
ciudad con mis amigos.” (“I love walking around the city with my friends.”)
-Becca L.• “Madrid was really fun.” -Lauren• “I’m having a good time.” -Joe

Additional Highlights:• We celebrated Shani’s Sweet Sixteen on the Fourth
of July.  She got a Spain hat, fan, and bracelet, and everyone signed a
card.  That evening the restaurant made her a surprise birthday cake and we
all sang the birthday song in English and then in Spanish.  She described
her birthday as “muy bueno”  (“very good”).• We all sang the Star-spangled
banner together on the Fourth of July.•

 After the opera singers finished performing at the restaurant, La Favorita, Elana gave a beautiful
performance of “For Good,” from the show Wicked.• Trip members
interviewed local Spaniards in Puerta del Sol.  They asked them questions
(in Spanish!) like, “In which state is New York City?” and “Who is the King
of the United States?”  Some of the answers were pretty funny!

 Un besito,

The Westcoast Blogger

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