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Hola from Beautiful Costa Rica! – Costa Rica Community Service

The Group in Costa Rica

Greetings from sunny Costa Rica!

It’s hard to imagine that it was only a few short days ago that we embarked on this magnificent journey together.  Our days have been filled with excitement, smiling faces and beautiful scenery!  In a short period of time, strangers have become life long friends and our perceptions have been altered.

Right away, the trip jumped into high gear! On the first day we woke up, and took a bus ride through the rainforest to reach our first challenging adventure! Once we saw the waterfall we were to be repelling from we knew that today was not one we’d soon forget. The first few to brave the awe inspiring waterfall were Jeremy, Katie and Heather who demonstrated next to no timidity despite the fact that they were about to descend this masterpiece of nature. They took the experience in stride and were met at the bottom by other trip members such as Eve, Hannah G. and Kimmy who were enjoying the winding streams and pools of water that gathered at the base of the waterfall.  Molly joined the second group, and overcame her fears, repelling with ease down the waterfall.

The following day marked the beginning of our community service and we all were anxious to meet the children that we were going to work with for the next two days. The time that we spent with the kids was a cyclone of laughter and smiles and by the end of our time together everyone agreed that it all ended too quickly. The trip members played a multitude of games and sports with their new found friends but the kids favorite was the pool. The pool was a novelty for the underprivileged children and they spent many hours with the trip members running and splashing the afternoon away. Amber was quick to supervise the slide and spent hours helping all the little ones land safely into the kiddy pool. Chris was a favourite of the boys as he’d lift them up and splash them into the water. Also, a young boy of about four became immediately taken to Jessie and seldom left her side.

While some trip members enjoyed the kiddy pool, trip members such as Akua, Charlotte, Jillian and Raven spent their time with the older children playing games and jumping into the pool. After the community service was completed and the children had reluctantly journeyed back home, the day camp organizer thanked us profusely for our time and donations. She insisted that despite the fact that it was only two days, the trip members had made a tremendous difference in the lives of the kids.

Our days of community service were accompanied by nights of fun and exciting programing such as salsa dancing. At first, there was a little confusion but trip members such as Jack and Allie quickly caught onto the sway of salsa and excelled in the dance. Soon everyone was grooving and we were so excited to show off our new moves at the disco. Our next community service project consisted of helping build a school. The work entailed making concrete for the floor and painting beams for the structure. Jenna, and Zack all worked hard to make the concrete that would be the foundation the classroom floor while Hannah I. and Megan worked hard on the beams.  Later that day, we played an incredible soccer game that we are sure will be a memory that none of us will soon forget.

Best regards from beautiful Costa Rica!

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