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Hola familia y amigos de Costa Rica! – Costa Rica Community Service

Hola familia y amigos de Costa Rica!

We have just completed our third and final day with Habitat for Humanity. The trip members were sad to leave their hard work and accomplishments behind, but have great memories and look forward to the upcoming service projects. Our main goal with this project was to begin constructing a home for a family in need. Many trip members surprised themselves with their strength and abilities. Chloe and Dana quickly realized that the families were welcoming and appreciative of our hard work and dedication.

Gabby and Eric utilized their teamwork abilities as they dug holes and sang motivating songs while doing so. Many fields had to be cleared of weeds for future homes, and Molly, Abby, and Becca were happy to help in this first step of home-building. Oscar impressed everyone with his digging, as he dug many holes for columns. Matt and Ethan helped carry the columns and had the opportunity to place the interior columns to form the rooms that the children will sleep in. Britt played an important role in loosening the soil, so that Ben was able to help fill wheel-barrels with sediment to lay down for outdoor living space.

The neighboring families were extremely warm and welcoming, and the trip members enjoyed their time getting to know the local children. Tarek was having a blast as he rolled the youngest son around in a wheel-barrel, while Nikki was snapping photos with the older brother. The children were eager to stay alongside Sydney and Courtney and help them with their jobs, making all of the trip members notice the sense of community here in Costa Rica.

Emma and Greg took the lead after being instructed on how to make cement, mixing enough to stabilize an entire foundation. The foundation holes were filled with the help of Carl and Jack. To realize how much work had gone into our Habitat for Humanity project, we all came together to discuss our efforts and what this service learning project meant to each individual. Sabrina, along with others, were open to sharing their experiences and what they had learned over the past few days.

The whole crew is excited to be heading off to Rincon de la Vieja for exciting adventures and more experiences in Costa Rica.

Speak to you all soon!

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