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Hola de Peru – Peru Language Immersion

Queridas familias:¡Hola de Perú!

We’re happy to report that our trip started off on a great note in the capital city of Lima.  We began our first day with some activities that proved to be extremely beneficial in developing a solid group dynamic.  Our afternoon consisted of a guided bus tour through Lima.  Before entering the lovely and historic Cathedral and Monastery de San Francisco, Jacob enjoyed a couple minutes of fame when he was surprised by a hoard of school-children asking for his autograph.  He happily obliged! 

Our group was very impressed with the catacombs at the monastery, and outside Rushil entertained everyone by feeding the pigeons in the square.  After the tour, we enjoyed a great dinner at a popular Peruvian restaurant named Pardo’s Chicken. Zak decided to be adventurous and eat “anticucho” – cow hearts.  He licked his plate clean!  Our first day ended with the trip members getting ready for our visit to the Amazon. 

Yesterday was a busy day as we encountered various types of travel: bus, plane, van, boat, and finally foot as we headed deep into the heart of the Amazon Rainforest!  Looking forward to updating you about our Amazon experiences when we return to the town of Puerto Maldonado!

¡Hasta pronto!

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