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Hello Hellas – Our Journey Continues! – Backpack Greece & Italy

We have arrived in the land of the Hellas, and we couldn’t be more excited. After spending a sunny day on the ferry we headed to the small but beautiful seaside town of Sivota, where we enjoyed some more relaxing beach time. The next day we went on a kayaking adventure where our guides led us to some of the most gorgeous private Greek beaches. During a stop on the adventure, the group had the chance to enjoy delicious local watermelon – Becca and Kat just loved it!



After leaving Sivota, we were off to the small mountain town of Monodendri, where we went on a nice hike through the Vikos Gorge. The next day, we continued taking a walk on the wild side when we went on a whitewater rafting adventure in one of Greece’s beautiful national parks. Jillian and Danielle overcame some of their hesitation towards the cold water and were soon plotting ways to get the rest of their friends to join them in the river.

After a quick stop off at a farm for lunch, the group continued to a beautiful canyon with many waterfalls. Melissa and Valentina were particularly daring, hiking far into the gorge with the guide to see some of the beautiful hidden waterfalls. The group also enjoyed swimming in some natural spring water before returning to Monodendri to have a traditional Greek meal.

After visiting the home of the Olympic Games today in Olympia, we are all eager to continue our journey through the home of the Spartans and make our way towards conquering the next phase of our journey, Nafplio and Athens! Until next time….

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