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Having a Ball in San Cristobal! – Ecuador & The Galapagos Community Service

¡Buenos días!

So far, our stay on the Galapagos Islands has been everything we’d hoped for and more! On the island of San Cristobal, our home for the past four nights, we found time for both community service and some amazing adventures in the incredible natural beauty around us. From playing soccer with Ecuadorian teenagers to lying on a beach with sea lions, we’ve done it all.

Ecuador/Galapagos Community Service in San Cristobal

First and foremost, our time in San Cristobal was about service at a local high school. We were only there for two days, but what a difference we made! With incredible enthusiasm from all of us, we cleaned and beautified huge areas of the school’s grounds, painted multiple rooms, and played soccer with the students. For our lunch breaks, we threw delicious local snacks down the hatch. All in all, volunteering in San Cristobal was hugely enjoyable and rewarding.

Snorkeling on a nearby island was another experience that we’ll never forget. The marine life we saw that day included sea turtles, manta rays, angel and parrot fish, and animals of every imaginable color. After snorkeling, we relaxed on a beautiful volcanic beach.

Ecuador/Galapagos Snorkeling

We also spent lots of time exploring the town. One of the neatest things was that every few steps, we usually had to step over or around a sleeping sea lion. On our last night, we had a photo scavenger hunt in our trip “families”. After taking every single photo required – which involved finding an Ecuadorian flag, serenading a cactus, and making human pyramids in front of a statute of a giant tortoise – the Millers emerged victorious.

Now we’re off to the island of Santa Cruz. ¡Vamos!

¡Hasta pronto!

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