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Happy Teens in Tignes! – Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy

Bonjour tout le monde from our last stop in France!

The last couple of days in Tignes were breathtaking and full of fun outdoor activities.

We started off our journey to Tignes by train where we were surrounded by stunning views of the French Alps. Upon arrival at our hotel, we were so excited to discover that many of our balconies overlooked the picturesque scenery and a breathtaking lake!

The following morning, half of us woke up extra early to go ski and snowboard on the French Alps. We took the Gondola to the top of the mountain, and got to experience the slopes while taking in the view from above. It was a landscape straight out of a postcard with mountains surrounding us from every angle we turned. The snow even had the perfect light-textured feeling to it that made skiing even more enjoyable. The last half hour was dedicated to eating fries and pastries at the lodge.

Backpack France, Switzerland & Italy in Tignes

Meanwhile, the others got some time to go explore Tignes by foot and do an incredible photo shoot with our in house professional photographer, Kayla. They had the opportunity to take some really amazing candid shots (Go Check them out in our Westcoast photo album!)

Later on, we met up for lunch and got to spend the rest of the afternoon utilizing the many amenities offered right in the center of the city. We played an intense matchup of boys versus girls in soccer and everyone brought their A- game with Jake scoring the winning goal! If that weren’t enough, there were also tennis courts, trampolines and any activity you could imagine right at our fingertips!

Backpack France, Switzlernad & Italy in Tignes

Ping-Pong, beach volleyball, going in the water with a paddleboat or even on a kayak… Everyone had a blast! After a nice dinner, the group got to show their competitive side as they spent the evening bowling. Many people surprised us with strike after strike. Then, in the arcade, some trip members showed off their basketball skills and were one point below the high score of a basketball shootout game!

Our third and last day in Tignes started off with a stop at the grocery store, buying snacks for a nice picnic planned on top of the mountain. The afternoon was spent again in the town enjoying the diverse activities offered. This time, our entire trip played an intense game of volleyball altogether. Katie A. surprised us with her amazing serving skills and help pull her team to a victory. Others also got the chance to play a round robin game of badminton, jumping on the trampolines, playing bocce and even going in hamster balls in the water!

We will certainly miss you Tignes – now onto Switzerland!

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