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Greetings from the Midwest!-Major League Madness

Hello family and friends!

As major league baseball slowed down for their annual all-star break, West Coast Connection was ramping up their energy for more fun in the midwest. The tour of Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati was certainly an enjoyable look at the history of the oldest baseball team in the league. Josh and Oliver were involved in some interesting conversations with the tour leader as they showed their appreciation for the history of the game. We also enjoyed a day at Soak City where many of the boys went on some of their favorite water rides of all time. Sam conquered his fear of heights by going down the green tube with Owen and Hayden while Will was having a blast with Stephen and Matt in the wave pool.

We all loved our time in Cincinnati, but couldn’t wait to get back to Chicago where we enjoyed the game at the historic Wrigley Field. The highlights in Chicago aside from the ball game, was our time at Navy Pier and traveling up the Willis Tower. At the top of the tower, the guys enjoyed a scenic view 360 degrees around Chicago. David S impressively located Solider Field, the home of the Chicago Bears, while Arthur found the lights at Wrigley Field far in the distance.

The next morning, we left for our day trip to Miller Park in Milwaukee. Once we got to the park, we were amazed by the barbequing in the park lot, which quickly set the tone for the excitement that was to follow. Many of the boys rated Miller Park as their favorite thus far, especially Max who was in awe of the slide in left field. As usual, David S was out looking for autographs; however, they were much harder to come by, as it was “bring your family to work” day at the park. We had a chance to witness one of the better pitching performances in Brewers’ history, as the starting pitcher for Milwaukee had 14 strikeouts. David Z astutely recognized that history had a chance to be broken if Gallardo could strikeout 4 more Pirates, unfortunately, he was relieved after the 7th inning.  The beauty of the stadium along with the excitement and energy of the fans made for a really special stop in Milwaukee.

That concludes our time in the Midwest. We’re looking forward to the East Coast Ball parks starting in Washington tomorrow morning and will inform you about the east in a few days.

Until nest time…

The West Coast Blogger