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Greetings from Western Canada – Canadian Mountain Magic

The Canadian Mountain Magic checks in from Whistler.

Dear ‘Magic’ Families and Friends,

Greetings from beautiful western Canada!  The trip has gotten off to an amazing start and we wanted to share a quick update to let you in on some of the things that happened in the first few days of our experience together.

Rock climbing was our first adventure activity. After a hike to the “Call it a Day” rock wall in Squamish, British Columbia, Jack and Harrison belayed Ethan to the top of the rock wall. What a great view of the golden sun rays peeping through the full and luscious trees from where he was! Hanna encouraged Brooke to the top of the rock wall. Brooke managed to take a picture of the beautiful scenery from the top of the wall! Blake volunteered to demonstrate how rappelling was done on a rock wall. What a great example for the rest of the group! Great teamwork was seen from David, Jacob, and Ben as they shared climbing tricks with each other to climb. The guides who accompanied us for the 2 days of rock climbing were impressed with the amount of encouragement they heard from everyone!

The Canadian Mountain Magic ski and snowboarding day was next and it began with a chairlift, bus and another chairlift to the glacier in Blackcomb/Whistler. Trip leaders Boh and Jess accompanied Zack H., Zack S., and Harrison down a scenic trail that overlooked the snowy mountain peaks and the beautiful green trees of the beautiful Cascade Mountains. Trip director Courtney accompanied the rest of the group down the chairlifts, where they saw two black bears frolicking through the fields (from the safety of the chairlift of course!!).

It was a great day for everyone and we know there is so much more to come as we are only halfway through our Squamish/Whistler stay.

We’ll write again as soon as we can.

Canadian Mountain Magic 2011

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