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Greetings from Utah! – California & The Canyons

We are coming to you live from Bryce Canyon!!! As I write, our trip is split up into 2 teams competing in an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt! Why are we split into 2 teams? Lets start at the beginning…. Counsellors Andrew and Adam staged an argument with fellow counsellors Kelly and Patrick. The debate began when POP music was playing on the bus and an outraged Adam and Andrew insisted that we change the music to RAP. Kelly and Patrick argued that Pop music was better than rap and that they were not going to change it. After some back and forth banter our bus driver Gene got on the microphone and announced “That’s enough! There’s only one way to settle this! Let’s have a competition!!

The trip has been split into Team Rap and Team Pop and will be competing in games and challenges to eventually determine witch music reigns supreme! Team Captains Jillian and Brian are leading Team Pop while team captains Kyle and Sarah will be leading Team Rap. We will let you know who triumphs in a later posting but first, let’s get you up to speed everything we have done in the past few days.

San Diego was an incredible stop that led us to the San Diego Zoo! Alexa M. impressed everyone by getting to see every animal in the zoo! She ran a zoo marathon! After a day with elephants, giraffes, hyenas, the trip showed their animalistic senses with an intense game of Laser Tag! We also had a great time surfing and spending time on the beach!

We said good-bye to San Diego and moved on to the fabulous Las Vegas! We jumped right into the Monte Carlo pool where Jackie and Hannah G. danced to the live music in the wave pool! We had a special treat at dinner that night celebrating le jour de Bastille (the beginning of the French Revolution) with our very own Gabriel! After some fun in the sun, we went to the top of the Stratosphere! Not only were we 108 stories high but our brave campers hopped on some rooftop rides! Our daring Daniel and Sammy D. hopped on a ride that dangled them over the Vegas strip! Alexa H. and counsellor Ashley were in awe watching everyone on the rides! The view from up there was unreal! We also got to go to the Forum Shops where Sami S loved the ancient Greek atmosphere!

The NYNY Hotel and Casino was a real treat! The scenery was too cool and Justin and Aaron hopped on the famous NYNY rollercoaster! Our final night in Vegas concluded with a stop at Gameworks where Madison racked up the points in air hockey!
Taylor and Alex R. were quite the gamers dominating every game!

Our drive from Vegas to Utah proved to be the most scenic drive yet! Emily snapped some incredible pictures as we made our way through the tunnel at Zion National Park! We all got a taste of the cowboy lifestyle with dinner at Chuckwagon where we put on a Western Skit that showcased some of our acting skills. Saloon girls April and Hana put on their boas and hats for a game of cards while Anthony ‘flirted’ with them! Jake L. played the role of wagon man with Lindsey by his side on top of a wagon! And Jared N.
began the skit as a very convincing howling wolf! Today we took an unforgettable Bryce Canyon Hike!

Stay tuned parents! More to come!

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