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Greetings from Jolly Olde England! – On Tour European Experience

Greetings from Jolly Olde England!

Our first couple of days in London were jam packed, and we were all excited to get out to explore the city. On our first night we took a walk to nearby KensingtonGardens and got our first chance to meet everyone and stretch our legs. We had a fantastic dinner at this great Asian-fusion restaurant right by our hotel. With our stomach’s full and everyone together, we were happy to get some much needed rest and had an early night. After a nice sleep-in, we grabbed breakfast at the hotel, where everyone had their first chance to have a full English breakfast.

On the bus with our amazing driver, all the trip members got their first taste of our morning mix, a playlist we start each day with to get everyone amped up for the day ahead. We had a blast watching our TD Matt groove and lip sync to Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror. We didn’t know he had those kinds of moves!

We spent the first part of the day at Harrods where we got to explore this amazing epicentre of food and shopping where everyone had free time to walk around, have lunch and join in our animal scavenger hunt and High/Low challenge. Sammi won the animal hunt, finding a pretty comfy goat to ride, and several trip members found the most expensive item in the place, a £66000 television. Liz, Emily G, Laura and Ariel found a place to have authentic high tea and tried scones and clotted cream. The pictures of all the empty plates were enough to let us know they loved it.

That afternoon we had a walk through and free time in ConventGarden, Leicester Square, and Piccadilly Circus. Everyone was distracted by Yoda who seemed to be floating on air. We still can’t figure it out. We had a brief London rain, but it quickly cleared, and we set off for our small group dinners on Carnaby Street. We all got a chance to get to know some people better, and Robert got brave enough to try avocado for the first time.

After dinner we were back on the bus, and on the way Beau surprised all of us by showing off that he had already learned and remembered every person’s name! We were so impressed! This brought us to our event for the evening, a ride on the London Eye to get a beautiful view of the city.  Carly, Emily B, Sammi, Sydnie decided to serenade the city with songs from Rent as they reached the top of the eye, and Kennedi took some awesome pictures of the view!

On the way home for the night everyone was so energetic, you’d never guess they were getting used to the time difference. Everyone was singing on the bus, and Harrison is already planning some playlists for us. We’re all looking forward to our last day in London, as we head to Paris on Thursday.

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