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Greetings from the City of Angels-Ultimate California

Hello parents!

Much of what we do here on Ultimate California is lighthearted, but I don’t think anyone on our trip will argue that our visit to the Museum of Tolerance in LA was anything but incredible. Our trip members listened attentively to the stories we were told, and Samara and Shane asked great questions after one of the employees told his own story of suffering from prejudice. I think we all particularly enjoyed how interactive the museum was; Caroline and Amanda had some interesting debates over differing opinions when we participated in a questionnaire about the kinds of prejudice people around the world are subjected to. The staff was very proud, and the kids made sure to let out all their pent up energy at the Grammy Museum later that day! Sophie D, Dan M, Jason, Julia M, and most of our trip went wild trying out the karaoke stations, jamming on drum kits, and listening to the incredible music soundboard that allowed you to listen to all kinds of music at the swipe of a finger. To give an example of how high tech all of the machines were, Jeremy and I sang a duet into microphones, but our headphones allowed only us to hear the music and whether we were on tone or not (we weren’t)

We experienced the quirkiness of LA even further the next morning with a visit to Venice Beach, where Dan N and Seth ran around in awe at the hundreds of crazy-looking sunglasses. If the trip members weren’t interested in the shops, they enjoyed themselves plenty by watching the street performers leap over the crowd just next to our meeting spot. Rodeo Drive gave everyone the opportunity to either check out the famous shops or to search for the rich and famous themselves. The day was beautiful for all our outdoor activities, but Erika and Jesse were delighted when we ventured inside for Improv and heard the comedians. But even before that, our very own Katie went up on stage and sang for everyone as Jillian and Jamie stood by the stage and cheered her on with the rest of us. Later, as Erika put it, she “met her favorite person in the world,” the manager on the show Big Time Rush

Universal Studios the next day meant Emma and Rachel spent hour after hour enjoying rides like The Mummy and Transformers, which were incredible if I say so myself (I rode with them)! We were all sad to leave LA, which had given us an explosion of new impressions and sights to keep with us forever, but a little ice skating in San Diego did plenty to keep everyone excited again about traveling. Nikki, Jake, Alex, and the rest of us carved up the ice and were great friends to the trip members who felt a little shaky about ice skating. Everyone enjoyed laser tag that night. Zach R and James were particularly good snipers in their game.

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