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Got Milk?-Costa Rica Rainforest Language Immersion

Got Milk?-Costa Rica Rainforest Language Immersion

Hola! We’re back in civilization! When we left the rain forest, we traveled to the beautiful, chilly, and pure cloud forest in San Gerardo. We visited a family style farm (called a “finca”) to see how a typical family in the cloud forest lives their daily lives. We all got to help out on the farm by milking cows, and feeding the fish that are sold to Costa Rican markets. Milking the cows was a very unique experience for some of the trip members, such as Juliet S. She expressed that it was something she would never forget. We also learned how to use the milk to make cheese. We were taught all about the process and we also got to try some freshly made cheese. After leaving San Gerardo, we made it to our next destination, San Isidro. We had the chance to see the coffee making process in Costa Rica. Local students from an environmental high school taught us all about it and let us try some of the coffee as well. Nicole J. loves coffee and she really enjoyed it! After our coffee tasting, we gathered the community together to play bingo. The experience was wonderful and helpful for both the citizens of the community and the trip members. It was great for everyone to practice their Spanish and interact with the children. Eli had an amazing time talking to the little boys that came to our event. All in all we are having the greatest time and we are looking forward to everything else that Costa Rica has to offer. Until next time! Adios!

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