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Gondola Rides and Gelato in St. Marco Square – European Escape

Gondola Rides and Gelato in St. Marco Square - European Escape

As we made our way to Venice, we were all surprised by the beautiful and warm weather, as it was quite a change from the top of the glacier in breathtaking Zermatt. We were very excited to finally be in Italy and enjoy its infamous pizza and pasta. Brooke and Katie were amazed by how beautiful the city was, they were thrilled to be in Venice. Our first night in concluded with all trip members enjoying a swim in the pool on the roof-top of the hotel looking over the city.

Our second day in Venice brought many exciting things. We started off our morning in the Jewish Ghetto where we took a guided tour in the synagogue. The trip members were interested to find out that the ghetto in Venice is the oldest of all the ghettos in the world. Gil and Hayley really enjoyed the amazing pizza from one of the delicious kosher restaurants there. After spending the morning in the Jewish ghetto, Evan was extremely excited to have time to explore the town with his group and negotiate a deal for a fedora hat. In the afternoon, Gilly, Colton and Valerie were looking forward to watching the glass blowing demonstrations at the famous Murano glass factory. Damion, a thirty-five year glass blowing expert created a beautiful vase and a glass horse right before our eyes! The trip members were fascinated by Damion’s talent and were excited to browse around the factory to see what other treasures they could find, now knowing how much work goes into creating these masterpieces.

Later in the day, the trip divided up into five teams to participate in a little friendly competition with a game of People Hunt. The object of this challenge is to find people that match the clues you are given by the trip leaders. Dani M, Mayra, Hayley, Eliza and Lindsay came in first place, finding the most people to answer their questions. Our night was concluded by enjoying a relaxing gondola ride and gelato in St. Marco square at sunset. What better way to end our time in this amazingly interesting place!

As we left Venice and continued our journey to Rimini, Danielle S, Megan and Ben were psyched for beach time. We created new memories while spending the afternoon lounging by the beach and playing in the water. Valerie impressed us with her volleyball skills when she played volleyball against Tour Director, Bryan. Hayley and Mayra couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor that night when we headed to the disco! Watching all the trip members dancing together was such a sight to see! Their smiling faces truly made our day!

After a fun-filled night at the disco, our last day in Rimini was concluded with mini-putt golf, gelato and frozen yogurt as well as an early celebratory dinner in honor of Jessie’s “Sweet 16” birthday!

We are very excited to tour Rome and to finally see the Coliseum and Vatican- two places that we have heard so much about! Fedoras off as we make our way through our last week of the best European tour ever!

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