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Going Bonkers Over A Crazy Game – The Eastcoast Encounter

From Toronto to Niagara Falls, it’s the Eastcoast Encounter!

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Hello Parents of Eastcoast Encounter,

The trip is moving smoothly and the good times are flying by!

Toronto has offered us a great stay. We started our stay with some tasty Thai food. In the evening we rode the huge elevator to the top of the CN Tower. Lauren was a bit scared, but she did excellent making the trip to the top! We’ve had the chance to explore Dundas Square and Queen Street for some city walking and shopping. Dundas Square featured some live jazz, and Queen Street offered an artist festival that showed off cool works from local artists. Near Toronto, we explored Canada’s Wonderland, a giant theme park. All the kids had a ball going on the different roller coasters and rides.

Marta, Camille, Max, and Laura have been the recent recipient of Lobby the Lobster. Marta has become extremely friendly and outgoing, and is improving on her English quickly! Camille always has energy and did a great job in helping out while we volunteered at the Montreal Food Bank. Laura was looking like a chef in the kitchen during camping with her veggie cutting skills! We have started an ongoing game called Gotcha! Everyone is given a person and a word, and their goal is to make that person say that word. The kids have been going bonkers over this crazy game! Max pulled a smooth one when his act at the talent show was assisting Zoe in getting Kate to say “Uconn”.

We had an awesome two days of camping at Niagara Falls. Rachel S enjoyed getting soaked in the jet boat ride, and Rachel D. enjoyed some perfect smores she crafted. Mario, Alex, and David got some basketball with our campsite manager Colin and Drew. Emily did a great job helping in the kitchen and preparing the dinner menu on the last night! We had our third and fourth birthdays on the trip! On the 12th, we celebrated Nicole B.’s birthday with ice cream cake after our theme park adventure. Jordan’s birthday was on the 14th at our campsite, so we set up a piñata and bought some special caramel for smores that she recommended. Melting the caramel and marshmallow together made for a great treat during our last camping night! Today we got to explore the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland! Bette loved seeing the different artist props and costumes. The Michael Jackson exhibit was especially popular with the group. The trip is going by so quickly with all the great activities on the itinerary. With about 2/3 of the trip over with, we hope to make the last third even more amazing for our group!

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The Encounter Staff!