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Glamming up and jamming out – Seventeen Fashion Experience

Glamming up and jamming out - Seventeen Fashion Experience 1

Friends & fam of the fashion-forward,

The girls have packed their bags and have began their ventures home. This week was another incredibly packed one with all of the must-sees of New York City and the fashion industry.

Looking back, our week began with a trip to the Hearst Digital Photo Studio where we learned everything there is to know about how photoshoots work.  The girls got the chance to see the whole “puzzle” come together, as they called it, from the brainstorming process to booking hair stylists, make-up artists and photographers to bring their vision to life. The editors discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the magazine and their goal in “finding the right fit” for each aspect of the shoot. We also met with Farouk/Chi stylists where they gave us sneak peeks into their new collections and Zendaya’s current favorite hairstyles. The girls got the chance to get their hair done by one of Chi’s stylists and be the testers for their new products. This day was definitely one to write about in the books!!


The day only got better from here (how?! I don’t know either)!! We then headed to a Broadway rehearsal studio where we had one of the swings from the hit musical Wicked teach us the lyrics and choreography to “One Short Day”. It was safe to say that the girls were belting out this song and dance for at least the next three (and they LOVED it). This amazing day did not end here: we took a trip to Barbizon Modelling Agency where the girls learned the different dimensions for what is required for fashion in terms of the modelling industry. They had a panel filled with models, instructors, managers and agents to discuss their ways to “make it” as a fashion model in New York City.

The next day began with a trip back to the Hearst Tower where we spoke closely with the editorial staff in a more intimate manner. We heard some advice from the features department and learned about how they maintain inclusivity in regards to the multi-cultural and sexual orientation representation in the magazine.  The girls provided them with feedback on the headlines for the October issue and what stories they’d like them to touch on the magazine in future issues. We also met with the Art and Photo crew where we got to see how they create the writing on each cover which demonstrated the true marriage of art and technology in this department. Each session seemed to come back to encouraging our participants to get involved in extracurricular activities – whether that’s in the yearbook club or college internships, finding a mentor and allowing them to inspire you, being proactive and showing that you’re undoubtedly passionate!


Day 12 meant it was the girls’ final day in the Hearst Tower (before they start interning there that is, hehe). The girls chatted with the staff from Human Resources about how they hire entry level candidates and the “Dos and Don’ts” to guide you towards your dream job! Elizabeth Marshall, Human Resources Manager at Hearst Tower, provided the girls with tips on networking, shadowing people they know and how to give the best interview of their lives! We then spoke with a panel of magazine editors from Cosmopolitan, Harper’s BASAAR and Elle.com who gave us insight as to what their daily routines look like and advice on how they stay up to date and trendy in this fast industry!

Next on the agenda was the long-awaited dinner at Stardust Diner. The long lines that wrap around Times Square definitely got us amped for the “wicked” food and pre-Broadway show experience. As the waiters danced and sang around us, we enjoyed our classic diner meals! It was now (finally) time to see the exquisite Broadway performance of Wicked. The girls were beyond excited before the curtains even rose. The extraordinary cast, orchestra and story-line carried us through, surrounding us with feelings of true passion and gratitude. We also found the girls dancing in their seats as “One Short Day” finished off Act 1 as they felt as though they were a part of it (shout out to Tess from the Broadway class for teaching us the choreography)!! We honestly couldn’t have asked for a more magical night.


Our last official day had come before we knew it (wow, like how did this happen??). We headed over to the Hudson River Pier where we boarded The Beast Speedboat. Let’s just say that calling it “The Beast” was more than appropriate. Think about mixing a rollercoaster with a wet boat ride and you’ve got it! Here we got the chance to see the beautiful Statue of Liberty all while sharing so many laughs (cause we were all getting soaked by water guns and the crazy boat). Next up was a visit to SOHO which everyone was looking forward to since the first day.  We closed-off our trip with a lovely banquet dinner.  Everyone enjoyed our wonderful meals as the staff presented emoji awards to the girls. After sharing our last moments together, we said our goodbyes, shared some hugs and cried a little too much. We are a group of 44 girls…what do you expect!?

One participant mentioned that, “I have done the most adventurous things in my life in these past couple weeks and met the most incredible people”. I think this sums up the trip PERFECTLY. Till we meet again…

Xoxo, Seventeen gal

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