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Glacier Climbing in July! – Canadian Mountain Magic

Hello Friends and Family,

We’re back to give you another update on the continuing adventures of Canadian Mountain Magic and let me just say it only keeps getting better. After our ski/snowboard day the group took a very well deserved rest day to let our bodies relax and recharge.  However due to the fourth of July holiday we decided we’d follow our sleep in with some “food games” before our delicious pancake brunch which was completely headed by Molly who was a master chef behind the Coleman stove.

After our meal we made our way into the town of Squamish to do some laundry (a first for a few in the group – don’t worry parents tutorials were given!) and we proceeded up to Whistler for a lovely sunny walk in the village followed by a delicious meal at Earl’s (our first restaurant meal -yum!) Asher and Jeremy had some steak, Sammy ordered some clam chowder, Gadiel went for the prawn dynamite sushi rolls while Edie ordered some Vegetarian quesadillas (just to name a few…) Symon , the company director for Canadian Mountain Magic accompanied us and bade us farewell before he left to go meet up with other groups on the westcoast circuit.

The following day we met back with our Whistler adventure guides and got a second shot at rock climbing, it felt incredible to build up on the skills we had learned only a few days before and try another rock face and climb on a beautiful and sunny afternoon.  I can say without a doubt that the entire group (although “above average” skill level to begin with according to our guide Aulle ) improved greatly.  Jacob did an amazing job as did Edie – everyone in general was motivated and determined to succeed. It was our last afternoon together with the Whistler guides and we definitely do miss them already, they really pushed us and challenged us while rewarding us by giving us an incredible sense of accomplishment.  In all seriousness, climbing a glacier in July was without a doubt one of the most incredible things I think a lot of us have ever done.

Speaking of accomplishments the entire group hiked the Stawamus chief and reached both peak 1 and 2 this past week and oh was it ever worth it!  The view was absolutely mindblowing and I can definitely vouch for all when I say we worked pretty hard to make it up there.  An incredible test of endurance and determination was required and everyone made it up without a scratch.  Have I already mentioned how our entire  crew is absolutely
 amazing?  I feel incredible lucky to be surrounded by your children: a group who motivate one another, include each and every single individual and make sure that they are pushing themselves to the limit but having an amazing time doing so.  You should have heard them singing at the top of their lungs as they were climbing to that second peak – a true spectacle (they are QUITE the singing bunch) we let ourselves unwind with a movie night after that amazing hike it was well deserved.

Yesterday we had one final hurrah in Whistler ziptrekking through the temperate coastal rainforest.  Already having become very accustomed to harnesses (rockclimbing, glacier hiking…) it was a nice change to be floating around from treetop to treetop and pulling crazy tricks on the ziplines.  Becca kept us entertained with her hilarious banter having a
good time joking around with our Australian guide while Daniel zoomed through the trees like a flying monkey.  Asher took over my camera and had an amazing time snapping pictures while gliding through the trees.

Honestly, I could go on about each and every single member of our group but it would be a novel… I think I can again speak for the group when I am saying that we came on this trip many of us strangers and have created a pretty strong family bond.  The level of teamwork is amazing and the laughs are continuous … I’m already getting emotional knowing that we are nearly halfway done – can’t this just go on forever?

Having an amazing time out here on the Westcoast but we are thinking of you all at home too – the weather has been sunny however reasonable in temperature and we hope you aren’t all melting!

Speak soon!

The Westcoast Blogger