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Giraffes and Impala on the Side of the Road – Africa Community Service

Africa Community Services tells us all about their adventures!

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Dear Community Service Africa Parents,

Here is a quick update on how AF1 is coming along. We have just finished our third day of service at Sihlekisi Primary School in Acornhoek. The Group Members have done a great job of planting cabbage, beet root, spinach and tomato plants in the school garden; as well as painting two classrooms. They were also able to interact and make amazing connections with the local children. The children come running when they see our van arrive with huge smiles across their faces.

The group continues to bond here at the Cheetah Inn where the monkeys swing in the trees above our heads. Although the nights can be chilly, the days are sunny and full of  adventure. During our van rides we are lucky to see giraffes and impala on the side of the road. At the Moholoholo rehabilitation center, the group was able to learn about and see  vultures, lions, cheetahs, hyenas and were even able to pet a baby rhinoceros.

Today was our last day of service and it went extremely well. We were able to finish planting in the garden, and the two class rooms we had been working on got cleaned and set up for the start of classes in a couple of weeks. We gathered the local children in the school yard and handed out oranges and some candies. We then followed one of our vans out into the ball field and had a giant dance party. After quite an active day, many of the children curled up on the laps of the Group Members and fell asleep. The goodbyes were cheerful and everyone left with a feeling of deep satisfaction knowing that along with the memories of all the new friendships, the garden will provide food for the children and the painted classrooms will be a comfortable place to return to at the start of school. Tomorrow we leave the Cheetah Inn and head north to Botswana to continue this African adventure. More to follow from our next base in Kasane at the Thebe River Lodge.