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G’day Mates! – Australian Outback

?To the Family and Friends of the Australian Outback,

Greetings from the land down under! After landing in Brisbane, it became clear very quickly that all of the hours spent flying were truly worth it; Australia is a BEAUTIFUL country!!  What an amazing few days it’s been so far! The trip began with various icebreakers – and even though everyone was a little jetlagged, we all had fun laughing and learning everyone’s names at the same time. Andrew G. was the star of our interruption game – he had lots to share with us!

After settling into our hotel, we headed over to Little Stanley Street where we explored the markets, a man made beach, and canals that lit up the streets of Brisbane. We had an amazing Dinner at JoJo’s, where Jenna L., Jordyn B., and Gabriella M., shared three unique kinds of pizzas.

After a good night’s sleep, our first day of excursions started with the group heading to the bus and listening to our morning song – Land Down Under! We headed to the Australia Zoo where we enjoyed an exciting crocodile show hosted by the Irwin Family! Joey G. was chosen during the crocodile show to stand up and have a set of doves flown right onto his arms – they didn’t quite make it there, but it was a valued effort!

Throughout the morning we caught up with Josephine G., Maegan T., Rachel G., and Ally A. hand feeding kangaroos and wallabies! We concluded our trip to the zoo with each one of the trip members holding a koala bear and getting a professional printed photo to remember this amazing experience! Our next stop was Fraser Island where a 45 minute catamaran ride under the starry night sky dropped us off on the world’s largest all sand island. After dinner, we enjoyed a relaxing evening in the heated pool. Alex G., Andrew G., Patrick C., and Cory W. decided to take advantage of a bird watching activity with a guide of the island the following morning, and were lucky enough to spot cockatoos, doves, and Spangled Drongos.

The next day then began for the entire group with a 4×4 excursion of the entire island. We hiked across the rain forest, which led us to a beautiful sandy beach with clear blue water, a lunch back on shore, and then a jeep tour across the pacific coastline. We saw a beautiful ship wreck from centuries ago, and decided to take a few group photos. Lucky for us, we spotted whales and dingos from our jeep and tried to capture as many photos as possible! The evening concluded with a night walk followed by the dating game where Jenna L. and Abigail were our bachelorettes and Sean S. and Aidan A. were our bachelors. We shared many laughs and headed back to our hotel for our final evening at one of the most beautiful resorts in the world!

Well folks, you read it here first! Three exciting days and lots more to come! You will be hearing from us next as we drive farther south to Surfer’s Paradise! Warm regards,

The Westcoast Blogger

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