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Fun in the Sun & Community Service – California Community Service

An update from California Community Service!

Welcome back parents!

As our 10 day California Community Service trip rolls on, our trip shifted gears and focused at the task at hand… Community service. Even though we successfully completed our first day of work at the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, we still knew that there were 3 more days of fun activities. It seemed like a bunch of our trip members had become specialists in certain areas at the club. Josh, Jonathan, Alex and Dylan ran around playing basketball on the courts, Miles spent his time teaching the kids how to play pool and Zach showed off his ping pong skills. Some of the trip members were unable to properly use their limbs as there was always at least one child hanging on to them. The days went by quickly as we spent the morning doing rotations with the kids, took a walk to the local park to enjoy a picnic lunch and then finished off strong with more rotations in the afternoon.

After a long day of work, the only logical thing to do was unwind with a Battle of the Sexes program where the boys took on the girls with bragging rights on the line. Even though we can’t remember who won, we figured out that our girls were able to build a human pyramid way quicker than the boys.

We then headed to Orange County to continue our service at the rescue mission. We all got a tour and had dinner while Melanie and Marissa introduced themselves to all the members and children who were running around the dining hall. To top it off, our group threw an ice cream party for the members of the rescue mission and provided chocolate and vanilla sundaes to anyone who had a sweet tooth. After we ate, we went to the playground to look after the little children while their parents were out. Emma , Sasha and Dana spent their time tending to the 1 year olds while Hannah and a few others talked about their rescue mission experiences on camera.

Community Service California had earned a day off at this point and spent their Sunday morning playing games in the park. Andrio helped his team master the art of capture the flag before the entire scene turned into a big water balloon fight. Even staff Anitra and Jessika managed to get soaked by all the trip members. After our games, we headed to famous Venice beach to have lunch and walk the boardwalk by the water. Molly and Julie joined the crowd of people watching the break dancers perform on the beach. The final part of our exciting day was spent eating dinner and watching a show at The Improv comedy club. Over 5 comedians performed in front of a packed house including our trip sitting front and center. Somehow the comedians managed to figure out that we were from out of town as they saw Ian and Brittany tearing up in the front row. Our entire group left the Improv with full bellies and exhausted from laughing too hard.

It was truly a great weekend in California as we hit the final leg of our trip. Santa Monica, Universal Studios and our trip 10 banquet will be coming soon.

Keep tuning in for more updates!

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