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From the Mona Lisa to the Matterhorn – European Discovery

From the Mona Lisa to the Matterhorn - European Discovery

Hello! The European Discovery continued its journey through the continent leaving off our last blog in Paris! After viewing the highly anticipated half-length portrait by the famously talented Leonardo da Vinci of The Mona Lisa we said au revoir to the Louvre and continued roaming the streets of Paris. We trekked up the Eiffel Tower as a group via the stairs with a 360-degree view of the stars. The view of the entire city was at our fingertips and kept on getting better and brighter the higher we climbed. At the centre of the Eiffel Tower a giant soccer balled hung down in tribute to the European Cup and France still being in the tournament. There was no end to what Paris had to offer us- from The Thinker, to the beautiful gardens of Versailles and even the extra creamy and tasty gelato where Lily N got behind the bar and served some scoops!


We then hopped on the bus and made our way down to Annecy. We were all pleasantly surprised by the striking views of the overlapping mountains and radiant reflections of the water. The quaintness of the architecture and entertainment of the street mimes, clowns and robots took part in our two days of fun and relaxation. We spent time under the sun, sliding down water slides, biking and rafting through the rapids of the alps. We were able to really bond as a group and work on our team building skills as rowing in synchronisation was key to not falling out or flipping over! We ended one of our nights with a scavenger hunt around the town.

Hallo aus der Schweiz! Hello from Switzerland! The train took us through the mountains and the trees where greenery covered the bottom of the hill with blossoming flowers and snow covered the tips of the rocks. Horses and goats trotted through the streets lugging baggage and welcoming tourists. Half of us hit the slopes of one of the tallest mountains in the world. The Matterhorn was covered in a sheet of snow with powdery conditions and the sun beaming down on our faces. Nicole was excited to find out that she was leaving the mountain with sun kissed skin to accompany her tired muscles from swerving through the glaciers! Later that evening we danced the night away at Hotel Post Disco, which was a private party for European Discovery.

After a few short hours on the bus, the doors opened and we walked off into a whole new country! Ciao from Italy, Venice! Venice was as charming as we all suspected it to be. We got to partake and see things that we don’t usually get the opportunity to do. The Jewish ghetto sparked an interest in many of the trip members – it was a very interactive and educational experience. We then got to watch the glassblowing technique in action at the Murano glassblowing museum.

Were excited to see what the rest of Italy has in store for us!

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