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From Laughing in Latacunga to Basking in Baños – Ecuador & the Galapagos Community Service

Hola familias,

We can’t believe that there’s less than a week left of our trip! Here’s a recap of our last few days:

We spent Wednesday (Ally’s birthday!!) going on a hike up by a volcano. It was a wonderful workout that led to a gorgeous view. We had dinner at a nearby hotel to physically prepare ourselves for our awesome evening activity. We divided the group into 2 for a game of “Feats of Strength”. While some tasks involved planking and handstands other events were things such as reciting the alphabet backwards and best dance move which was awarded to Olivia for doing the worm.

Community Service Ecuador & Galapagos in Latacunga

Thursday was our last day of service in Latacunga. We painted part of a sports court and Ethan and Hannah L. learned to make volleyball nets. We spent the afternoon playing basketball and “pato, pato, gonzo” (duck, duck, goose) with the school children. Liam also helped start a large game of soccer. The afternoon was spent enjoying our beautiful hotel. Some TM’s played sports while others opted for ping-pong or zip-lining. We even had a special treat after dinner — a bonfire complete with s’mores!

Friday was our big move from the countryside to tranquil Baños. The hotel was scenic and we enjoyed its hot tubs, pools, and saunas. At night we had a lot of fun at karaoke; Danielle and Jake covered “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé while Michele and others sung “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.

Community Service Ecuador & Galapagos Rafting

Saturday was a day of adventure! In the morning we did some white water rafting. It was so much fun, and we all worked up quite the appetite for lunch. In the afternoon we relaxed by the pools, jacuzzis and saunas. We ended the night with a disco party to celebrate the end of our time here in Baños.

Sunday was our last day on the mainland. We had a nice sleep in before traveling back to Quito for a movie night. We then packed up our stuff and got ready for our next ultimate adventure…the Galápagos Islands!

¡Hasta prontito!

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