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From Icebreakers to Rafting- Our Life in Costa Rica

Hello parents of Costa Rica Community Service!

Throughout our trip, Jana and I will be providing you with updates about all the awesome things our trip will be up to in Costa Rica. I know teenagers can sometimes be tough to pry information out of, so we’ll make sure to you give you all the details. But then again, not too many because we don’t want to make you too jealous, because trust me, you will wish you were down here too!

Day 1 was as smooth as can be. We typically use the first day as a chance to adjust to Costa Rican life and get acquainted with everyone on the trip but little did Jana and I know how quickly the trip members would adjust. Honestly I’ve never seen a group of teens come together this fast. Right from the get-go everyone was chatting with everyone. The best example of this was when we tried to do our first icebreakers. Usually, teens are a little nervous and need some icebreakers as encouragement to get acquainted… not our kids. Not only did they jump right into the games, they were constantly finding ways to make them more fun and exciting. It was a sight to see.

We kicked it into high gear on day 2 with a whitewater rafting adventure. Our guide Alonzo was incredible, and was filled with stories about his rafting experiences all over the world (unfortunately his jokes weren’t as good as his stories). Sam was the first to prove her rafting prowess when, during a training exercise, she was able to hoist Alonzo (who is 3x her size) by the lifejacket from the water into the boat! Then we were wowed again by Harrison’s impressive gymnastic skills, who performed a backflip off the side of the raft. As for the rafting, the rapids were intense but everyone persevered and came away a lot braver, and a lot wetter, for it.

You might expect everyone to be worn out on the ride home from an adventure like that, but again, our trip members never fail to surprise us. We spent the better part of the bus ride home tackling the kids’ toughest riddles. Adam and Matt M. stumped the bus for the longest, with their riddle about the “cabin in the woods”.

All in all, it’s been a great 2 days. I know you all miss your teens, but rest assured we’re having an awesome time, and things are only just getting started!

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