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Fourth of July at Yellowstone National Park – Californian Extravaganza

The first week of our Californian Extravaganza trip has been nothing short of amazing.

After meeting in the Denver airport we checked into our dorm rooms at the University of Colorado Boulder and headed to the Sink for dinner where customers are encouraged to sign their names on the ceiling. All of the trip members signed their names on the ceiling as we left our trip’s mark in Boulder. Jake B and Ben S were great bikers on the Boulder Creek Path as Jake B kept us all entertained while we were biking and Ben S made sure everyone was keeping up and having a good time. While half the group was biking, the other half walked around the cobblestone Pearl Street area and then the groups switched. Later that night we went to Elitch Gardens amusement park where fearless Kevin went on the biggest roller coasters and Kendall won a Teddy Bear after displaying her skills in a football throwing game. At Yellowstone National Park, as we were all waiting for Old Faithful to erupt, Kenny and Zack started the wave as the entire park of people participated in what is most likely the first wave in the history of Yellowstone. Also, Kenny started singing the Star Spangled Banner as the crowd joined in and passionately commemorated the 4th of July. On the Alpine Slide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Harrison mastered the course and gave great advice to those up next to go down the track. We have introduced our trip mascots Skakira the Shark and Pietro Enrique which happens to be our award for trip member of the day. Grayson, Ben S, Amanda, Josh S, Corey, Adam and Haley have taken great care of our mascots as they have been the ones to receive the award thus far. When we arrived at the camp site in Utah our newest trip member Phillip was waiting for us as we all greeted him with open arms as he was a natural fit in our group. We are having the time of our lives and you will be hearing from us again next week.

Your staff team,

Stacy, Jack, Jill, Brandon, Amanda, Elise

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