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Fountains, Funiculars and a Ferry on the Road to Florence – ON TOUR European Experience

Fountains, Funiculars and a Ferry on the Road to Florence - ON TOUR European Experience

What a week it’s been! From Rimini we made our way to Rome, where we started our night with some time near the Pantheon. We then broke off into groups for dinner at Piazza Navona, where everyone got a taste of what Italy has to offer. We then had some gelato by the Trevi Fountain, as no dinner is complete without a little dessert! To finish off the night, we went up to the hotel rooftop which was a great place to get an incredible view of the city from up top. The next day we went to Vatican City, where we had a great private tour with our guides. After lunch near there, we headed to the Colosseum. It was great to be able to see such historic sights. After working up quite the appetite from sightseeing all day, we headed to the area of Trastevere for dinner. Everyone enjoyed seeing the different areas of Rome, especially at night. The next morning we headed to Campo Dei Fiori, where the trip members ate lunch and had free time to explore. After fueling up for the day, we were ready to head to the Borghese Gardens, where we got to overlook the city of Rome and hang out. We then walked to see the famous Spanish Steps, where the trip members got the chance to walk around the area and take pictures. Clearly, there are endless photo ops when walking around Rome! For dinner we went to a traditional Roman style dinner and toga party.  All the trip members were very excited for the chance to wear togas, and sing and dance along with the performers. Some of the trip members even got the chance to play with some musical instruments!


The next day we left Rome and made our way to Sorrento, where we celebrated Aly O’s Birthday! On our way to Sorrento we stopped to see the ruins of Pompeii. It was great for trip members to see first-hand the site of a major volcanic explosion, and for most it was hard to grasp that it was in fact a city under ash. For dinner, groups got to choose their own restaurant in the town of Sorrento. We then gathered everyone together and went to a local live music venue.  One trip member, Max, even got up on stage and sang with the band. Everyone had a great night!

The next morning we made our way to the Island of Capri, being lucky enough to take a funicular to the top of the island. We walked to the lookout point at the Augustine Gardens to take great pictures over looking the island and the sea.  The trip members had free time for lunch, where many of them purchased the best cannolis in town. After lunch we went on a boat tour where we got to see both the Green and Blue Grottos. We also got the chance to jump off the boat and swim in the water. It was quite refreshing on a hot Italian summer day! After the boat tour we made our way back to Sorrento via ferry. After dinner, the group went to a local disco, where the trip members had fun dancing and singing.

The next day, our travels took us to Positano, where we had a great day hanging out and swimming at the beach. The trip members had the opportunity to walk around and explore the town as well. Although it was a relatively short stay, the beach time was perfect relaxation before heading back to Sorrento for dinner, where we went to a local restaurant. Yummy! To finish off our night we went to a karaoke club, where most of the trip members sang, and all of them were dancing! It was a great end to our time in Sorrento.

DSC04288We then said our goodbyes to this Italian paradise and headed to Florence. Once we checked into our hotel, we walked to the leather market, as there is no better way to experience Italian culture. After dinner, we hung out in a piazza watching local singers perform on the street. The following morning, we made our way to a lookout pointwhere we were able to see the whole city of Florence. It was truly a magnificent sight. In the afternoon the trip members got the chance to walk around near the Duomo Cathedral and explore Florence. Having plenty of dancing practice, we ended our night after dinner at the famous Space Electronic disco, where we could put our moves to the test!

The next day started with a guided tour of the Accademia Gallery, where the famous David statue resides. It was great for trip members to see it up close and personal, most having only seen it on postcards! After lunch, the trip members had the chance to actually climb up the 463 steps to the top of the Duomo Cathedral. Many trip members did it and had a great time! The view from the top was definitely worth it. We then headed to an evening at cooking school, where the trip members learned some Italian techniques in the kitchen. Everyone had a great time making pasta, bruschetta, crepes, cake, and more, and the food was delicious! Safe to say they’ll be cooking you dinner when they get home! It was a fantastic way to end our time in Italy!

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