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Finishing up in Florence – Pre College Enrichment: Florence

Last Cooking class

Eppur, si muove!

The streets of Florence have never felt so familiar as we began our third week. The faces of the café workers, the routes we travel, as well as the historical monuments have almost become common place, but still novel when we stop and stare. There’s almost a sense of urgency in the air because everyone has particular sites and stores that they want to visit before the city becomes a moment in our collective past. A memory.

Florence, week 3_0020

One of the fondest memories of the week happened on Tuesday, when the entire program walked to the PiazzaleMichelangelo and watched the sun set over the entire city. Before we ascended to the lookout point, everyone picked up food and we all ate together on the piazzale’s steps as we watched the sunset’s hues dazzle through the Florentine sky. Along the walk and back at the Residence, a true sense of camaraderie could be felt. Many students noted that the view was remarkable and they were happy they the opportunity to have dinner together!

The week continued with just as much hype and energy, and students started finalizing all their course work. The photography students each printed their top 5 photographs, and all were exceptional! Jenna and Hannah captured some amazing pictures of people in Florence, and Imani and Callie snapped some exquisite photos of the scenery found with the city. Further, the cooking students concluded their week by making couscous, risotto, and margherita pizza. Ethan and Sam made some of the best risotto, and Natalie whipped up a phenomenal bowl of couscous! The entire program felt a true sense of accomplishment as the classes finished, and everyone is ready for the next part of our journey!

Last Cooking class

Wednesday was Lauren’s sixteenth birthday, and PCE Florence knows how to do birthday celebrations right! That evening everyone went to a spectacular dinner and wished Lauren a sweet sixteen.

However, the real fun happened when we got back to the Residence and had a dessert war! Each team of students had to use different ingredients to make a dessert that was aesthetically appealing, scrumptious, and creative! Different flavors and ingredients swirled together while each team meticulously worked, and the finished desserts were indeed tasty and innovative. James’ team, which ended up winning, made an ice cream sandwich, and used chocolate and vanilla pudding to accent their plate. Darren’s team, which was a close second, made an ice cream and pudding crumble, and used vanilla wafers and Oreos to create a crunchy top layer. All the students had a good time, and the process and outcome provided us all with laughter, fun competition and tasty treats.

The birthday celebrations continued into Thursday when Mandy also celebrated her sweet sixteen! In addition, this was also the last full day for some of our program members. To make the night special, we went to dinner at a delicious restaurant that Farrah, Nicole G., and Julia R. discovered the week prior. Francesco Vini served authentic Italian dishes, and the dinner ended with a boisterous rendition of happy birthday.

Full of joy, our elated crew continued the celebration at the Arno River Beach, where local Florentines often gather. With our feet in the sand, we all shared stories and fond moments with each other while we jammed to the live music that was playing. Overall, it was a perfect night in Florence.

Friday zipped by and all the students started to wrap up all their loose ends in Florence. The night concluded with all the remaining students going to the discoteca, and celebrating the end of their classes. We are currently weaving our way through the Italian countryside, and heading south toward Sorrento. Let the fun begin!

For now, tutto é bene che riesce bene!

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