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Finishing A Warm Summer Night At the Disco – European Experience

An e-mail update from the European Experience!

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Hi Parents of European Experience!

Our trip is moving fast but we have not wasted any time and have managed to take in as much as we can of the sights, culture and cuisine! We kicked off our stay in Rome with a romantic dinner to celebrate fashionista and professional dancer Max’s birthday, with an impressive birthday card drawn by the talented Krissy. We then visited the Trevi Fountain, where Layne and Jackie showed off their cartwheels to the observing tourists. Meanwhile Jackie, Britt, Shelby, Lindsay, Michelle and Lexi smiled for the cameras as they made wishes for good luck. We continued on our Gelato mission of finding the best flavors Italy has to offer. Brett discovered Yogurt Blanco flavor gelato, a new fan favorite, while Ryan and Stephen dug through their Gelato cups for kiwi flavor with seeds. After spending time in Rome, we all became more familiar with the historical sights such as the Vatican and the Coliseum. Layne took over as the Vatican expert, while Ryan, our very own history buff, explained the significance of some of the sights as well.

As we traveled to Sorrento we stopped by the ruins of Pompeii, where Melissa and Heather were fascinated by the intricate preserves. The following day we swam in the grottos and explored the island of Capri upon arrival from our chartered yacht, a definite highlight of the trip. Evan B and Max B took turns doing flips into the water from our boat and everyone else soaked up the sun and the beautiful aquamarine water. Sasha, Brett, Matt, Kara, Allie, Yui, Henry, Michelle, Carly, Stafan and Ali all enjoyed free time walking around the island of Capri. We dined and ate lemon flavored treats, the specialty of Capri. ShelbyWe ended our stay in Sorrento with a great dinner and disco. We finished the warm summer night at the disco, where we danced the night away and prepared for the remainder of our journey through Europe.

We are now headed to Florence and will continue to update you on our adventures!