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Final Farewell from the Canyons

Dear Parents,


Hello from sunny Scottsdale, Arizona! We’ve had an amazing last couple of days…no one can believe that our trip is about to come to an end. At the end of Day 17, it was revealed that the team led by Sam and Jenn, won our song competition, while the team led by Alex and Chelsea, won the entire competition.

The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast, and left Utah to drive to the Grand Canyon. Everyone was awed by one of the most beautiful of the world’s seven wonders. Tyler, Matt, Morley, and Max webt to the observation tower to get a better view of the canyon. Afterwards we went to our hotel and then to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. Everyone enjoyed their food and were extremely excited for dessert at Dairy Queen! Later in the night Sophie taught Alli and Chelsea how to dance while Philip and Josh were great audience members.

The next day we headed to Sedona, Arizona where we immediately went on a Pink Jeep Tour of the land. Our guides were incredible and the views were so gorgeous. We learned about the mountains that surround the town and the wildlife that resides there. “That was so cool” Robert said after hopping out of his jeep. Jackie, Tomasso, Ari, Jenn, and Ashleigh asked our guide many intriguing questions, while Jordan, Ashley, Hannah and Molly took in the views. Afterwards we explored the cool stores and cafes in downtown Sedona. Dylan, Julia, Suzie, Taylor, Lauren, Caroline, and Zach particularly enjoyed an awesome store with glass lamps and interesting jewelry. Afterwards we drove to Scottsdale!

We cleaned up and went to Dave and Buster’s for dinner and games. It was our Trip Director, Shelby’s birthday, so we surprised her with a cake! Isaac was extremely generous when he won 500 tickets and gave them to a kid behind him, while Tyler returned with a giant inflatable hammer!

Yesterday, we got to sleep in and go to brunch at the cheesecake factory! Everyone was happy with their meals; Grace particularly loved the oreo cheesecake. Afterwards we all went to the pool at our hotel and enjoyed the Arizonan sun!  We had our banquet where our Trip Leaders wrote a song for our Trip Members to entertain them, and everyone danced to the music of a DJ.

We’ve had such an incredible time with all of your teens…thank you so much for sharing them with us! We’ll always remember the memories we made with them.

The California and the Canyons Staff