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Final Canyons Days

Parents, welcome to our final blog post.


I am sure we are all feeling a mix of emotions right now; excitement when thinking about returning home to both friends and family, but melancholy knowing that the trip is coming to an end, and with it, all of our adventures and fun times. On behalf of the Trip Leaders, I would like to say that our time with your teens was amazing and we would not have wanted it to be any other way.


On our second last day we stopped on the way to Scottsdale in Sedona to take an outback adventure with the Pink Jeep Tour company. It was an amazing trip; we got to see some amazing rock formations that looked like buildings and Snoopy from Charlie Brown. As one of the guides said, it was like the Grand Canyon if you could build a town in it. Jake, Alex G., Dylan, and Maddy got to see some crazy animals, such as a scorpion and a lizard. Though rattlesnakes, pigs, and deer were mentioned we unfortunately did not get to see them.


After the tour we finished up our last bus ride and arrived in Scottsdale. For supper we made our way to Dave & Busters, and many of the first-timers were pleased to see that it doubled as a restaurant and an arcade. Rachel S. won 1000 tickets on one game! Most people pooled their tickets together to get some cool prizes, Anna got a banana phone; Brett, Danielle, Emilie, Maude and Sari got candy.  After Dave & Busters we arrived back at the hotel for a little free time and our last full nights sleep.


On our last day we slept in, then headed to the Cheesecake Factory for an awesome lunch. Arriving back at the hotel we all had time to hang around the pool. Jess E., Erica, and Jess B. spent most of their time lounging in the sun, while a lot of people frolicked in the pool with the pool toys, such as Sari.


During the night we had our final banquet, where we had an awesome supper! There was an award ceremony, a slideshow showcasing our entire trip and a dance party to end our night.


The entire team of California and the Canyons wants to express our sincerest gratitude. We thank you for allowing your teens to come on this trip, and for making their summer (and ours) the best it could be! We hope that they partake in many future adventures and that they continue to grow as individuals and young adults. If this trip is any indication, they will each definitely leave a dent in the world, and we cannot wait to see what that is.




The California and the Canyons Staff

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