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Feeling a little bit Cusconian – Community Service Peru


Hola Madres y Padres of our Peru Trip Members!


It has been an exciting venture from the Amazon Jungle to the Highlands of Peru. Our boat and bus ride landed us at the airport for a 25 minute flight from Puerto Maldonado to Cusco. Jordan F. loved his complimentary fruity mint. Emily and Rachel W. spent time trying to figure out how our seats on the plane were organized, they determined alphabetically was the answer. Once arriving to our beautiful mountaintop hotel Casa de Campo, we were lucky enough to have some help with our bags, and the strong efforts of Joey and Charlie to assist as well.  Arrival on our lower deck gave opportunity for some beautiful pictures with all of Cusco behind us and Viva el Cusco written in the mountain tops. Jordan C and Jenna made sure to get the perfect picture. Cups of tea greeted us and Josh made sure to grab a cup (maybe two)! Miles showed everyone up as he made his way to the very top of the stairs before any other person even got half way. It was simple to say that we could call in an early night and start preparing for service with the girls orphanage of Cusco in the morning.


The orphanage was a whole new experience from working in the Inotawa community. We were not only able to spend time helping beautify the orphanage and make it a safer environment for the girls to play in, but we got to resort back to our childhood ways and get in on the playing ourselves! Annie and her new friend Mayumi spun around in circles hand and hand talking Spanish and getting to know one another. Rachel G., Mandy, and Chelsea led the bracelet making section, Julie and Anna showed a few girls the wonder of the Ipod, and Leah and Julia spun the rope for the kids to jump in and out of like professional jump-ropers.


Lunch time gave Gavin the opportunity to learn that ojos means eyes, cabeza means head, and guapo means handsom. He couldn’t get enough of his admirer Veronia telling him his eyes and hair were nice and he was a handsom hombre. The conclusion of lunch meant burning off some rice and buns while playing soccer with Ben and Daniel, or sitting down to listen to the relaxing melodies of Harrison, our very own singer, guitar player, and song-writer… a true renaissance man.

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