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Fashionista Followers – Seventeen Fashion Experience

Our weekend kicked off with a trip to a showroom filled with Chinese Laundry’s past and future shoe collections. It was an exceptional experience where the girls got the chance to put themselves in the shoes of the marketers and designers of the company (literally). The participants created a mood board with existing trend books for inspiration, along with sneak previews into some of the new collections!! This consisted of creating a brand name for their collection around a given shoe and determines the target market of their buyers. The speakers encouraged the girls to take action and gave them the inside scoop on everything from starting their own fashion club to LA internship opportunities.


Our afternoon began with a trip to Eataly where we had the most exquisite Italian pastas, sandwiches and pizzas. Not to mention, the Nutella gelato, crepes and pastries which were undoubtably one of the best parts!

We then headed over to the 9/11 Museum and memorial sites where we listened to the experiences of people involved through voicemails, video clips and exhibits; paying our respects to all those were involved and affected by 9/11.

To end off our night, we took a trip to Regal Battery Park Cinema where we watched the heartfelt-tale of Finding Dory and the comedic remake of Ghostbusters – a perfect way to end a busy day!

The next morning we ventured off to Smorgasborg to try all of the tasty treats. The girls tried everything from ramen burgers and poké bowls to the extravagant Hong Kong waffle cone ice cream brought to you by Wowfulls. Shaved ice from Wooly Shaved Snow was also a crowd favorite and a new experience for most! We also passed by the Brooklyn Flea market where the girls found many cute vintage items and clothes (to add to the classic NYC vibe). Although the rain started to trickle, this did not stop the girls from wanting to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. They were definitely able to check this one off this NYC bucket list!


This day was not over yet as we took a trip over to Chinatown and Little Italy where we sat down for a cute dinner and even got to a chance to try some of the best ice cream in town. Let’s just say that Juicy Spot definitely hit the spot with their Thai-style ice cream rolls!!

Bagels, bagels, bagels began the next day! And then we headed over to the Coney Island beach where we experienced some of the most beautiful weather as we ventured out onto the boardwalk and into the water. The girls got the chance to experience the wonderful Boardwalk cuisine (the classic Nathan’s Hot Dogs and Coney Cones) and the many rides that filled Luna Park. Following a fun and sun-filled morning, we went over to DUMBO, Brooklyn and spent the evening enjoying the beautiful sunset. The girls were stunned by the incredible artwork and graffiti doors and walls that surrounded them and also got to take the famous photo of the Manhattan bridge on Washington Ave. (if you have not seen this view yet, you must check it out)! The girls enjoyed dinner at the most requested, Shake Shack, along with one of the most talked-about Pizza places in Brooklyn, Juliana’s Pizza. After our bellies were filled with Brooklyn’s best we enjoyed the sunset surrounded by the most amazing view in Brooklyn!

Monday morning couldn’t stop these girls! It was an early trip to the Hearst Tower where we toured the floor of Seventeen and Cosmopolitan in more intimate groups (this was one of their favorite moments so far). The girls spoke with the beauty and fashion department editors as well as the design team and feature sections. The editors explained that it is their job to ensure a cohesive voice in the writing of each section of Seventeen. Leah Wyar, Beauty Editor of Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazine, instilled in the girls the importance of being open and allowing for opportunities to guide them to where they’re meant to be. As she mentioned, the girls are “so far ahead of the game” by trying to get a head start and begin navigating their future at such a young age. Many of the editors took a strong interest in the girls’ opinions in regards to what stories they’d like featured, what mediums they’d like them to include and their current favorite trends of the season. A few of the girls showed adamant interest in including features on different books within the magazine, which was taken into consideration by the editors of Seventeen!! Another top moment, as told by the girls, included when they had the opportunity to vote on the D.I.Y. and Gift Guide page content for the upcoming December/January issue. The excitement did not stop here…the girls got the chance to enter Seventeen’s official fashion, accessories and beauty closets where they all chose a nail polish from past collections once used in several of the Seventeen magazines!!!

Our trip to Macy’s was up next! When we entered the building we headed down to a Q&A panel with some of Macy’s executive team including their VP of fashion and VP of creative. They discussed the responsibilities of each role and the path to discovering their occupation in the fashion industry. Each executive member came back to the fact that it’s all about using your networks, making connections, doing something you’re passionate about and being persistent and working hard with what you want to accomplish. The panel discussed their thoughts on using internships to find your field of work by reflections on what you like and dislike from each given opportunity! They advised the girls that “even if you don’t love what you’re doing, be present, do it 100% and with a smile”. Following the panel, was a historic tour of Macy’s which is known to be the largest department store in the world (honestly, how cool is that). Finally, the cherry-on-top of a wonderful day was speaking with Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Macy’s, Terry Lundgren. He chatted with us about how he ended up as the CEO of a billion-dollar company (did you know he started college wanting to be a veterinarian??), who his mentors were growing up, and even what he looks for when interviewing new employees. He told the girls that being PASSIONATE about absolutely anything and being able to keep yourself busy and continuing to learn and grow is what makes you a great candidate! Terry stressed that you must, “bloom where you’re planted”. By this he meant that no matter how large or small of a role, one must be equally passionate and committed to excelling and creating the best team possible. Terry emphasized the importance of his Macy’s team and how vital it is to be able to depend on and be inspired by each and every member.

It has been an absolutely incredible start to our second week. Chat soon!


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